Our Social Media Guide to Enhancing Your Wedding

Social media has drastically changed the way we live life, and it's no surprise that it has impacted the way we experience weddings, as well. From hashtags to Snapchat Geofilters there are more ways than ever to maximize the memories from your wedding day, so we've created our social media guide to help you enhance your wedding! 

Before we get started it's important to note that your top priority should be experiencing your wedding first hand. So remember to stay present. We know how easy it is to get caught up in social media, with Facebook Live and your smartphone in the pocket of your wedding dress (we love the pocket trend!), but that's no excuse. You'll have plenty of time to change your Facebook status from engaged to married while waiting at the airport on the way to your honeymoon. All that being said there are some fantastic ways to keep your guests engaged and really feeling like they are part of your wedding celebration! 

Create a clever #hashtag

Hashtags are wonderful organization tools used on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so it pays to come up with a good one! Your wedding hashtag should be easy enough that people remember it but different enough that no one else has already used it. Try making a hashtag that is combination of your names or add your name to a timeless love saying or if your name is super unique just add the year to the end. To get your creative juices flowing, check out this blog for some memorable hashtags like #ToHaveAndToHolten. Whatever you end up choosing, you'll be thankful on your one year anniversary that you can go back and relive those memories.



Live stream the ceremony

There are going to be people who are unfortunately, unable to attend your wedding in person for a multitude of reasons (guest list count, health reasons, traveling logistics, etc.). Fortunately, there are many options today that allow you to live stream your wedding, whether it's just the ceremony or the whole event you have lots of options! First, you'll need to determine if your venue has wifi available and then, you'll nee to decide how you want to stream it. If you prefer private access, you can use Upstream and password protect your video. On the other hand, sharing your stream publicly has become increasingly simple with Facebook Live and Instagram Live. There are other video sharing options as well like Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts. Our personal recommendation is Facebook Live because the majority of people already have a Facebook account which will already make the coordination of getting them the link so much simpler. 

Appoint a Chief Tweeter/Snapchatter

Again, there are going to be people that for whatever reason aren't able to celebrate with you in person. Having a Chief Tweeter/Snapchater (or any other social media for that matter) allows your guests to engage without actually being present. You could have them do hourly updates or just ask them to hit a couple high points, like the first dance, cutting of the cake, etc.). If you live stream your ceremony, all of these social media updates would be happening during the reception when your friends and family are most likely updating their personal social media accounts anyway. This will allow your guests some BTS action of all your fun wedding day experiences without adding one more thing to your plate! 

Design a Snapchat Geofilter

Snapchat has now made it possible to create your own personal Geofilter. You get to choose the design, geofence (location where Geofilter is accessible), the time and date. They allow you to upload custom images or you can choose from one of their 18 templates, which are all color customizable. The possibilities are endless! We think it would be amazing if you partnered up with the artist who designed your invitations to create your one of a kind filter that would match your wedding seamlessly. The minimum Geofilter cost is $5 and covers 20,000 square feet and is active for 10 hours, which is honestly a decent amount of space and would be active the entire length of even the longest weddings. However, if you're thinking you would need larger and longer the price can go up significantly, but it's definitely worth looking into! 



A few final thoughts

Lastly, your wedding day is going to be long, especially for your wedding party. Setting up a charging station is a nice touch to help ensure none of them experience the dreaded low battery symbol. You could also make it available to your guests, so they're able to stay online throughout your event.

Additionally, don't forget to use our social media guide to enhance your prewedding festivities, too! Think Snapchat Geofilter for your bridal shower, going live on Instagram for your cake tasting, or just keep using your hashtag when you upload pictures and posts, so your friends and family can follow along with your journey.

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