Outdoor Adventure Honeymoon

The Honeymoon series continues this week with recommendations and tips from one of our very own. Anna, works at our East Valley location as our Events Coordinator and Stylist Extraordinaire, so she gets to hear first hand what our brides' are planning for their post wedding retreats! Keep scrolling to read about her favorites!

The thrill of your wedding day is still in the air. As newlyweds, you will be keeping those good vibes going because it’s honeymoon time, baby! Your bags are packed, and you are ready for an adventure of a lifetime. It's time to start making memories with your forever travel buddy.

With wanderlust on the brain, we've gathered our favorite outdoor adventure honeymoon ideas for those couples who are ready to take on the world together! This type of getaway isn't for the faint of heart, but if you and your significant other prefer getting out there over relaxing on a beach, then this is the type of honeymoon you'll want to plan! You may be surprised - some might even be in your own backyard! Or, at least really close. 

National Parks

Known as “America’s Best Idea,” you’d be silly not to see for yourself! National Parks showcase the natural beauty and history of our country and what better way to learn than to experience it all together! 

When we think National Parks, we can’t help but first think of the breath-taking Grand Canyon! Arizona is not only home to both our East Valley and Phoenix stores, but also one of Mother Nature’s most inspiring landscapes. There’s something so deep and meaningful about viewing millions of years of history before you while dreaming about your very own future together. *aww* A swoon-worthy honeymoon indeed! 

grand canyon, Arizona, usa 

grand canyon, Arizona, usa 

For all those moments when you don’t want to sit still, Grand Canyon National Park offers much more than just stunning sunrises and sunsets. Strap on your hiking boots and tackle one of the trails right down to the Colorado River or Havasu Falls, and if you’re feeling extra bold, there’s white water rafting! When you’re back on solid ground, you can stroll the streets of the historic village touring the markets and shops before heading back to one of the cozy lodges nestled in the middle of the pine trees. So. Romantic. 

Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon

Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon

Seems to us that a National Park honeymoon is never a bad idea! The National Park Service even offers “fee-free days” offering FREE entry to everyone! Yep, free for EVERYONE. The possibilities are endless: Yellowstone, Hawaii Volcanoes, Yosemite, Glacier Bay - America is yours to explore! Talk about a great way to have a one-of-a-kind honeymoon on a budget, because chances are you’ll have spent a pretty penny on your wedding day. Sorry, not sorry.

Natural Wonders of the World

We LOVE the idea of traveling the world with your sweetie to experience the Natural Wonders of the World! Think you can name all seven? Okay fine, we’ll do it for you, since we’re all about inspiration! Click through the photos below.

We’re lovestruck with the idea of jetting off to your honeymoon to experience Earth’s most amazing light show - the Northern Lights - aka Aurora Borealis. What better way to keep the sparks flying than by witnessing Mother Nature’s dance across the sky. Be sure to plan carefully! There are Aurora seasons for when it is most visible, but not to worry, there are plenty of websites avaliable to help you plan the perfect time to visit! 

Choose Experience 

Wherever you choose to honeymoon, we know it will be the perfect send off into married life! You will never be disappointed in your adventure, as long as you continue to choose the experiences you share over material goods. The couple that plays together definitely stays together!

Happy travels! 

Xo, Anna


If you are a foodie, you will want to check back next week to find out what places to include on your own Gourmet Getaway. And in case you missed it, here is a link back to last week's blog: How to Plan a Perfect Honeymoon.

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