Finding the Perfect Venue

Finding the perfect venue is just one piece of the puzzle. Not only does the venue set the mood for the wedding but it’s also what is being presented to your guests. Sometimes little factors can be overlooked but taking into consideration all the aspects of a venue will ensure you are getting exactly what you want with the money you are putting in. There are a couple factors that go into deciding if it’s the venue that you and your fiance can truly see yourselves saying your vows in. Although these are not all the aspects that should be considered, these decisions are a few that should be of focus!

Traditional or Modern?

Warehouse 215  | Phoenix, AZ 

Warehouse 215 | Phoenix, AZ 


It is important to decide on whether you are looking to have a traditional or modern wedding. As times evolve, holding weddings in restored buildings and halls has quickly become the current trend. Looking at what your fiancé has in mind and collaborating will make this decision easier. It also could help touring a couple different venues that you are drawn to and deciding on what catches your eye.       


Bel-Air Bay Club  | Mailbu, CA

Bel-Air Bay Club | Mailbu, CA

  When deciding on what style of wedding you want; it is also a good idea to look at whether you want to keep your wedding local to most of your guests or a destination. Destination weddings are always a fun idea but it can cost a greater chunk of money than you may have originally planned. A wedding is never going to be local to all your guests, but can be local to you, the bride and groom that will cut your costs on travel and lodging expenses. Have a serious talk about the location of your wedding before you start to reach out to venues. It will save you lots of time and headache! 

  Is it easily accessible?

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 The day may be all about you and your new marriage but the guest’s happiness is also something to focus on. Ensuring that the location is easily accessible for the guests will allow them, and yourself, to relax and enjoy the day. The location needs to be easily accessible and easy to find. Also, when the guests arrive to the venue, there needs to be clear signage or direction as to where the ceremony or reception will be held.

 Inside or Outside?

Royal Palms Resort  | Phoenix, AZ

Royal Palms Resort | Phoenix, AZ

 While most people dream of having an outdoor wedding, there are different factors to consider. If you're opting for an outdoor wedding, make sure that the venue has a backup location or a backup plan if it should rain, snow or haboob (for us Arizonians). This will ensure your wedding isn't entirely ruined by mother nature. And boy, can she be unpredictable! 

What is Your Budget?

Andaz Resort  | Scottsdale, AZ 

Andaz Resort | Scottsdale, AZ 

Budget is the biggest deciding factor in where you would like your wedding to take place. Staying within your budget ensures that other parts of your wedding won’t suffer. Often if the venue is outside of the desired price range, it pulls money that was going to be used in a different area. It is important to know what money you can put where and to know that going over would only cause some difficulty to the planning process and would cause you to reevaluate. A great way to look at the venue and pricing is to inquire about packages or deals that they may offer. Sometimes they do not display what deals they have going on but taking the extra step to ask could save you a fair amount of money.

Picking the right venue for you is important and looking at all the potential questions you will come across will help you in the long run.

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