Plan A Wedding In Three Months Or Less

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring guest blogger, Anne Margaux. Anne is involved in all the wedding things and is a proper wedding guru! She works for Wedding Prep Gals, an online retailer of beautiful, embroidered bridesmaids and bridal robes. Keep scrolling for her tips and tricks for planning a wedding on a short timeline!

Unsplash from annie gray

Unsplash from annie gray

Sometimes, a long engagement isn't possible. It could be due to military obligations, work related events, religious reasons or a couple just very excited to start married life! Because of that, planning a wedding with a short timeline requires careful planning, as well as a lot of support and a little bit of resourcefulness.

The average wedding takes at least a year of preparation. Vendors, especially the major ones, have many events to prepare for and some may already be booked up (which can honestly help simplify the decision making process). Just keep in mind, you may need to reach out to more people to find a vendor with availability, but try not to get defeated when you hear your date is booked. Keep reading for some tips and tricks on preparing for a wedding that’s taking place in three months or less.

The Bare Necessities

First of all, think of the most essential details of the wedding. Pick the date of your wedding and the venue for the ceremony and reception. It will be easier to find available dates if you opt for a Friday or Sunday wedding. A weekday wedding would make booking your preferred vendors so much easier. Set a budget and timeline of wedding activities, and create a checklist to help you keep track of everything.

As for the venues, you can choose areas near where you live, or you can even have the wedding at your home, if you have enough space. If you have a problem finding a venue, you can hire a wedding planner who can help you scout for a location.

Book your officiant right away too. If you have friends or colleagues who are judges, justices of the peace, or ordained ministers and they can legally officiate a wedding, ask them to be your officiant. Get your marriage license as well. Buy your wedding rings as soon as you can so that you won’t have problems in getting them resized or engraved.

As soon as you have determined who will be included in your wedding party, you may ask them and your family to assist you in the preparations. Delegate tasks to them so that things get done faster. 


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Ordering a wedding dress takes at least six months, which is why Brilliant Bridal is an especially great option for brides on a short timeline. All of their designer bridal gowns sell off-the-rack so you can take it home the same day you say yes to the dress. Bridal alterations usually take 6 to 8 weeks so if you find your dress early in the planning process you shouldn't have to pay any rush fees on your gown alterations.

When it comes to hair and makeup, look for stylists who can do both, and try to set consultations as soon as possible so you can start with your trial sessions. Help your stylist out by coming prepared with pictures of hair and makeup looks you love.

Invites, Reception, and Other Details

Send your invites right away so you can determine the headcount as early as possible. If local printers are unavailable, you can design the wedding invites yourself, using any number of online resources. If you’re the type who enjoys taking on DIY projects, making the invites, the decorations, and the wedding favors can help save the wedding budget, but be prepared to make a significant time investment.

For reception food, ask your favorite local restaurant if they offer catering services, or if you prefer, you can host the reception at a restaurant where the food can be served buffet-style. If no one can accommodate such a short timeline, then ask family and friends to do a potluck. Keep the menu simple and they will be so happy to be able to pitch in! For your wedding cake, consider the bakery department in a local grocery store. They can often do beautiful (and delicious!) designs with short notice.

For your bouquet, ask your florist to use blooms that are in season. They will be easy to acquire quickly and are often more cost effective. 

Entertainment during the reception may not necessarily require hiring a DJ or a band. You can create your own playlist and play it on your phone or your laptop, as long as you can connect the device to reliable speakers.

Saying Thanks

Don’t forget to thank everyone who helped in the wedding. Your bridal party, especially, will be busy helping you, and treating them to a nice gift is a small way to show your appreciation. A personalized item like a custom-made robe is one way of showing your gratitude. Not only is it unique, but it is also a practical choice because it is something they can use before and even after the wedding.


Even if you only have a short time to prepare, you can still pull off the wedding of your dreams. You just have to know the right things and people to help you make all the planning happen. In all of the business of wedding planning make sure to remember why you're doing this, to get married! Take time to prioritize your relationship which is what will last well beyond the wedding flowers and cake.

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