Summer Beauty Tips To Beat The Heat

Summer to us means relaxing by the pool with a can of La Croix and a Spotify playlist in the background. Those days are our favorite, but summer also means scorchingly, high-temperatures and all kinds of sweaty, situations! From arm pit stains to raccoon eyes to frizzed out hair, summer can cause quite a few frustrating, beauty issues! 

We have been having a pretty mild June in Arizona, but wedding season is definitely winding down due to the rising temps. However, in Denver, Las Vegas and practically the rest of the country wedding season has just begun; bring on the outdoor wedding fun!  So to help all our summer brides-to-be and wedding attendees, we made a list of our top five summer beauty tips to beat the heat and keep you from having a makeup meltdown! 

1. First Prime

Primers build a base for you to layer your face creams and powders on top of. They allows your face makeup to go on smoother and last longer! And when you're fighting the summer sweat anything to help keep your makeup where it belongs is worth every penny! Plus, we've linked the travel size version of our favorite primer to save you money while you test it out for yourself!

2. Opt For Oil Free

Adding additional oils to an already sweaty face is a big make up no no. Unfortunately, not all of your fave products will be available in oil free, but whenever you can opt for it! It will make a world of difference, and the primer we linked above already has you on the right path! 

3. Waterproof. Waterproof. Waterproof.

This probably goes without saying, but with all the added moisture in the air and walking through misters, waterproof mascara is a must to avoid the dreaded raccoon eye! We linked Seventeen's five best waterproof mascaras to try for summer to help you make your decision (pictured below). Or if you're not really a waterproof kind of gal, false lashes are the perfect alternative to regular mascara. The'll give your eyes some added definition without the risk of melting off!

4. Dual Purpose Stains

Stains are the queen of all summer makeup products. They're so versatile and very resistant to melting off in the heat. Choose a pop of color for your lips and let it play double duty on your cheeks for a cohesive look. Don't even think twice about it smudging or rubbing off! Bustle has made all of our lives so much easier and linked ten of their favorite lip stains, so all that's left for you to do is pick your summer shade!

5. Blotting Papers Are Key

Once you've have your summer look just right, you'll still want to keep a pack of blotting papers in your bag. These papers are so convenient for on the go makeup touch ups. They do just what their name says, blots up excess oil on the surface of your skin to restore a matte finish without taking off all your makeup!

And when it comes to a chic, summer look, less is more!

Summer beauty looks don't have to be all or nothing, but skipping a few products can mean less makeup to sweat off in the long run! The less you put on the less there is to come off. Elle walks you through the "How to Master 'The No-Makeup' Makeup Look" in nine easy steps!

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