Get a Discount Wedding Dress at the Arizona Bridal Show!

We hope you've been keeping up with all of our tips, steals and deals and contests in connection with this Sunday's Arizona Bridal Show!  The bridal show can be a huge resource for planning your wedding, but it can also be really overwhleming so we're trying to help you make the most of your trip there with some insider info. discount wedding dress

At the Brilliant Bridal booth we're going to help you save hundreds of dollars on your bridal gown by getting you a

discount wedding dress at the bridal show!

This Sunday, visit our booth and book an appointment to shop for your wedding dress at either of our Arizona bridal store locations and receive a 25% off discount when you purchase your gown!  This is the biggest discount we give away and it only happens twice a year at the bridal show.  This discount is in addition to our already marked down designer discount wedding dresses which means you will get the best price on a designer wedding dress in the entire state of Arizona!

If you're just recently engaged or starting your wedding planning journey and aren't quite ready to be setting appointments yet, trust us, we understand.  We will also be passing out coupons at our booth for 15% off your bridal gown which requires no commitment other than to hang on to that flier until you are ready to find your dress.

We 100% believe that Brilliant Bridal provides the best bridal shopping experience to Arizona brides.  Our five star customer service and experienced bridal stylists combined with our designer discount wedding dresses truly sets us apart from all other bridal shops.  We hope that at some point along your bridal gown shopping journey you'll give us a try and let us show you what being a Brilliant Bridal bride is all about!

A Round Up of Where You Can Find Brilliant Bridal at the Arizona Bridal Show


It's been a fun week announcing all of the sales, contests, freebies and deals we've got in store for you this weekend at the Arizona Bridal Show!  In case you missed any of our posts here is a brief round up along with links to the original post.

Brilliant Bridal at the Arizona Bridal Show

1. On Monday we announced that for the first time ever we will be participating in the gown sale section with our $500 and Under Bridal Gown Sale! Today we'll be in the process of transporting over 300 wedding dresses from our two Arizona locations to the Phoenix Convention Center to set up our booth!  If you're looking for a deal on your wedding dress this is the place to be.  Designers will include Alfred Angelo, Mori Lee, Christina Wu, Private Collection, Cara Mia, Piccione and more!

2. Tuesday we shared 5 Tips for Surviving the Arizona Bridal Show Gown Sale Section.  We promised to keep the wedding dress hoarders at bay and gave some practical pointers to make your untraditional bridal shopping experience at the bridal show a successful one!

3. On Wednesday we shared some more thoughts from our collective experience at the bridal show with 5 Tips for Surviving the Arizona Bridal Show Wedding Vendor Section.  If you want your day at the nation's largest bridal show to be a success you need a strategy.  These tips will give you a great starting point!

4. Wednesday started our "two-a-day" blog and social media posts as we try to cram in all of the info about what we're up to at the bridal show this weekend.  In the afternoon we announced our crazy {Bridal Bundle} that is stuffed full of things ever bride will need that we have bundled together at a ridiculously low price.  You can pick yours up at our gown sale booth at the Arizona Bridal Show on Saturday and Sunday.

5. Yesterday, we announced we'll be continuing the tradition we started in June of having a big HUGE contest running in conjunction with our participation at the bridal show!

6. And last but not least, this morning we let you know that our Phoenix store will be closed this weekend and relocating it's staff and resources to the bridal show!  If you'd like to shop for your bridal gown with out braving the bridal show crowds, our East Valley store will be open normal business hours all weekend.

If you're looking for Brilliant Bridal at the Arizona Bridal Show you can find us in:

  • Room One where we will be booking appointments with a 25% discount and handing out our mini-veils for the Wear it to Win it contest.
  • The Gown Sale Section where we will have hundreds of wedding dresses to sell dramatically marked down to $500 or less and selling our $50 {Bridal Bundle}!
  • The Bridal Fashion Debut fashion show where we will be showing off some of the hottest, on trend bridal gowns you can find in our stores.

Exclusive Arizona Bridal Show Deal - The {Bridal Bundle}

If you've already found your dress or are still looking for just the right one - regardless of what stage your wedding dress search is at you will definitely want to pick up our exclusive {Bridal Bundle} this weekend at the Arizona Bridal Show.  This exclusive Arizona Bridal Show deal is open to all brides whether you found your dress at Brilliant Bridal, another bridal store or you haven't even found a dress yet!

arizona bridal show deal

For just $50 you will receive:

  • 1 Extra Large Fabric Garment Bag - a $25 value
  • 1 50% off coupon towards the purchase of 1 bridal accessory in store at Brilliant Bridal - up to a $75 value
  • 1 $50 credit for wedding dress cleaning + pressing service - a $50 value

A total value of $150!!

You will receive the garment bag at the bridal show and will receive a "punch card" to track the other services.  We have never offered a deal like this before and are really excited to have such an amazing package to offer this weekend.

If you're not planning to visit the gown sale section at the show, make sure to at least pop over and pick up a {Bridal Bundle}!

5 Tips for Surviving the Arizona Bridal Show Wedding Vendor Section

Yesterday we shared 5 tips for surviving the gown sale section at the Arizona Bridal Show.  Today we're moving on to the main wedding vendor area and sharing 5 more tips for successfully navigating through hundreds upon hundreds of wedding vendors.

arizona bridal show wedding vendor

The Arizona Bridal Show claims it's the largest in the nation.  We haven't been to every bridal show out there, but we're prone to believe them because this show is HUGE.  If you don't have a plan you will get overwhelmed and leave with out accomplishing the work you came to do!

These 5 tips for surviving the

Arizona Bridal Show wedding vendor section

will go a long way to helping make your time at the show as successful as possible.

1. Smaller is Better

Most brides-to-be like to bring friends and family to the bridal show to help make wedding planning decisions and to help carry all the free magazines, fliers and swag you'll collect from vendors.  Rather than inviting your entire bridal party, family and life long besties consider selecting just a few key people to help you navigate the bridal show.  Think mom, MOH and sister/BFF.  If your fiance is actively participating in the wedding planning process make sure to bring him along too!

If you have a hard time staying organized and on track, bring someone to keep you focused.  If you're more of a type A personality, bring a friend who will keep you laughing and stress free.  Bring friends & family who know you well and know what YOU want for your wedding and won't try to convince you their idea is better (admit it, we all have this friend).  Bottom line, remember this day is about you and your fiance, your wedding and what you need to accomplish to pull it all together.  Don't feel pressured to invite a huge group to join you if it will create more stress or derail your goals for the bridal show.

2. You've Got (Lots) of Mail

One of the easiest and cheapest (ie: FREE!) things you can do to make your day at the show and your overall wedding planning more organized is to set up a dedicated email address for all wedding related email.  There are lots of free email options out there, but at Brilliant Bridal we run everything on Gmail since it easily allows you to set up folders for all of your different vendors and guests to keep things organized, it has virtually unlimited storage, and comes with a slew of other goodies like Google DriveGoogle Calendar and more that can be a huge help with your wedding planning.

Create an email address that is easy to remember and reflective of your wedding day like: or  You can use this address to give to wedding vendors, for an eco-friendly RSVP option or as way to keep in touch with your wedding guests with out having your personal email bombarded.

Keep in mind that by attending the Arizona Bridal Show, you likely had to share your email address during the ticket purchasing process.  That email address will be shared with the 600+ vendors that pay to attend the bridal show.  You will be getting A LOT of email in the days and weeks following the bridal show.

Some of it will be from vendors that you want to hear from and some of it might be kind of annoying.  By law, all direct email marketing must have a clear "unsubscribe" option.  We would encourage you to use this method for silencing the wedding pros you aren't interested in rather than marking their emails as "spam".

3. If You Like it Put a Label on It

One super easy thing you can do in advance that will save you lots of time at the show is creating a simple address label.  Many vendors will be offering giveaways and promotions that will require your contact info and instead of writing this info over and over again, a sheet or two of labels will save you lots of time and writer's cramp!  You can put as much or as little information on the label as your comfortable with, but do make sure to include your full name, phone number and your wedding email address at minimum.

Also, never feel pressured to give your contact information to a wedding pro.  If you do, that's probably a sign of a vendor you wouldn't want to work with in the first place.  You should only give out your contact info out if you are truly interested in a vendor's service and would like more information, or if you would like a chance to win in their giveaway.

4. Pencil it In

The Arizona Bridal Show is a great vehicle for meeting a lot of wedding vendors in a short amount of time.  You'll likely meet a few vendors that you'll want to make an appointment with to talk to them in more depth regarding your wedding.  Take a look at your schedule before heading to the show to get a general idea of which days or weeks you're available to schedule appointments.  Make sure to bring your calendar, planner or smart phone to book appointments immediately as you are talking with vendors.  Many vendors will offer a discount on their services (including Brilliant Bridal!) if you book and keep an appointment at the bridal show, so coming prepared to schedule appointments could end up saving you hundreds if not more!

5. Get Your Game Face On

This is going to sound a lot like advice you'd get from your mother the day before taking a big test, but don't tune us out!  (Not that you would ever tune your mom out. :) )  Make sure you get plenty of rest tonight.  Eat breakfast, drink plenty of water, bring snacks with you and wear comfortable shoes!  It's amazing how being tired and hungry effects your mood and with all of the added emotions and pressures involved in planning a wedding you want to be on top of your game.  Plan to arrive earlier than you might think necessary since parking downtown can be time consuming and plan to pay for parking (bring cash!) unless you want to walk a few blocks.  Aside from that, plan to have a great day, meet some amazing wedding pros and make a huge dent in your wedding planing!

$500 and Under Bridal Gown Sale at the Arizona Bridal Show

bridal gown sale

It's bridal show week!  This weekend January 10th and 11th we'll be at the Arizona Bridal Show at the Phoenix Convention Center in Downtown Phoenix!

We've been at every bridal show for the past 4 years at our booth in Room One talking with brides and introducing them to the Brilliant Bridal concept.  This year for the very first time we will be participating the in bridal fashion show and will have a booth in the

bridal gown sale section!

We are taking wedding dresses from our Phoenix store and our East Valley store all of which have been dramatically marked down to be priced at

$500 and under!

If you are just starting your bridal gown journey or are still searching for the perfect dress, do not miss our bridal gown sale booth at the Arizona Bridal Show this weekend.  All of our wedding dresses are 100% authentic name brand, designer bridal gowns.  Our gowns aren't used, consignment or knock offs.  They are simply overstock inventory that the manufacturers couldn't sell at full retail price so we're able to buy them at dramatically reduced prices and pass the savings along to you.

In addition to the fashion show and the gown sale section, we will still have our normal booth in Room One as well.  If you aren't quite ready to start shopping, come say hi to us, learn more about our bridal boutiques, and if you schedule an appointment to visit one of our stores at the bridal show you will receive a 25% discount off your bridal gown purchase on the day of your appointment.  This is our biggest in-store discount ever!

We've got even more surprises (and prizes!) in store for you at the January bridal show, so make sure you subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you don't miss any of the details.  We'll also be sharing some practical tips and tricks to successfully navigating the nation's largest bridal show.