Pro Tips... to getting a fabulous wedding film!


Ten years ago wedding videos were done by your uncle who owned a "cam-corder".  Five years ago wedding videography was trending but was reserved for couples with lavish budgets.  Today, brides and grooms tend to think having a friend-sourced iPhone video of their wedding is sufficient (it's not!).  Wedding videography has evolved into an incredible trade that uses professional movie quality production to capture your special day and transform it into a cinema worthy wedding film. Today, Taryn of Serendipity Cinematography shares her pro tips for what it takes to capture a fabulous wedding film!  Taryn and the Serendipity team have won countless awards for their wedding films and pride themselves on unparalleled customer service.  If you are considering hiring a wedding videographer to document your wedding, take today's pro tips to heart!

wedding film

  1. Build 15 minutes into your timeline at the start of the day for bride and groom interviews - preferably before you put your wedding dress on.  If we don't do them right away they are impossible to get done later in the day.
  2. The "getting ready" footage is some of the best footage in your film.  Be intentional about your getting ready location: is there lots of natural light? Clean? Large enough for your bridal party, photographer and cinematographer?  These are all important to consider when choosing a location.
  3. 98% of couples do a "first look" and we highly recommend it!  It allows us to get some spectacular footage of a hugely meaningful moment that you will be able to look back at and remember forever.