Beauty Tips to Beat the Heat

Summer is finally here!! The sun is out and the heat is coming! ☀️Although summer is an amazing time of year, it can bring its challenges - especially when it’s wedding season. To help you conquer the heat, we put together our best advice and favorite products to help you look your best, no matter the temp!


It’s time to say goodbye to melting foundation and smeared mascara. But before we go there, let’s start at the beginning. Sunscreen. 👏Many people forget about this first, and very important, step. Some sunscreens can create an oily layer, but using oil-free moisturizers with SPF can help you minimize layering heavy products on the skin. Sunscreen is essential in the summer months! Check out our faves:




Do you have trouble with your makeup sliding and smudging? Well the answer to your trouble is...primer! “A primer is a really good investment to ensure a beautiful, matte complexion” sayings communications manager for Deralogica, Sonette Donker. Here are some of our favorites:

Everyone loves that healthy, natural bridal radiance. ✨However, it can be hard to obtain that in the heat. Fiona Stiles, a professional makeup artist, says, “Avoid cream foundations or anything too luminous, as the humidity will make you extra shiny and sweaty-looking if you have too much sparkle on your skin.” We recommend using products with a lighter, more feathery texture - tinted moisturizers, lip glosses and stains, and cream blushes. That way you can still have glow that isn’t over-the-top shiny.

summer wedding


An oily T-zone instantly portrays the message "I'm hot, like really hot”. 😰To eliminate that in seconds, nothing beats blotting papers. They are super cheap, easy, and convenient. By slightly pressing the blotting sheet onto the oily parts of the face, it can instantly take away that unwanted shine. If your makeup needs a perk as well, blot first and then follow up with a pressed powder. 

WEDDING TIP: Getting a bridal gown with pockets can give you the advantage of carrying blotting papers, tissues, or anything you need with you throughout the day. 👰

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makeup setting spray
tarte mascara

summer BEAUTY MUST-haves

Megababe is a beauty line of “thoughtfully conceived and expertly crafted products that take the Ouch and the Ugh out of being a woman.” 🚺Their products are PERFECT for the hot summer months. Check out some of our favorite products by them: 

We hope you are able to stay cool & fresh with some of these tips & products. ☀️For more wedding inspo + behind the scenes action, follow us on Pinterest and Instagram.

Summer Wedding Trends To Beat The Heat

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of hosting Good Morning Arizona for a fun segment featuring 'Sumer Wedding Trends To Beat The Heat.' We loved partnering with their team to create valuable content for their audience and ours! Plus with the first day of summer less than a month away, these tips will be essential for any bride trying to stay cool during her summer celebration! 

Summer Dress Trends

Most brides planning a wedding for this summer probably have their dress already, but in case you are still looking, here are a few things to consider to help you stay cool on your wedding day without compromising on style or aesthetic. To watch this segment that was featured on the news, click here

You will want to choose:

  • Silhouettes that aren't clingy like a modified A-line, A-line or ball gown paired with a hoop skirt. Hoop skirts are favored by brides in the summer because it pushes all layers off fabric off their legs.


  • Fabrics that are light and airy like tulle or chiffon. You can still look like a modern day princess in the middle of summer, if you choose a fabric that isn't going to weigh you down and keep in the heat.
  •  Embellishments that aren't too heavy like sequins and beading. Bling doesn't have to be avoided completely, but opting for a minimally beaded dress will mean less weight pressing against your body all day long. Some dresses weigh over 10 pounds; thats like carrying around a newborn baby all day. 


  • Shorter sleeve length. Styles like sleeveless, off the shoulder, strapless, halter or cap/t-shirt sleeves will definitely keep you cooler on a warm summer day! Really this one is a no brainer, but with lace sleeves being a huge trend in wedding dress some brides may need to choose to incorporate boho elements somewhere else in their wedding. 

Summer Accessory Trends

Accessories can really make or break an outfit and in the heat there is no exception. We have collected the top tips and trends for keeping you cool without sacrificing your dream wedding look. To watch this segment that was featured on the news, click here

 You will want to choose:

  • Boho inspired headpiece instead of floral crowns. Floral crowns can wilt quickly during the summer and can be ruined before you even walk down the aisle. So if the thought of ordering two and swapping during the day is not ideal, maybe a metal crown is the vibe your looking for. Plus, metal crowns can be the keepsake that last forever.



  • Updo hairstyle or at least one that is out of your face. You can still let your personality and wedding theme shine through with your hair up. Plus, the right accessories can complete the style you are envisioning. Rhinestone hair combs would make for a more glam look, while pearl hair pins would create a softer touch. 
  • Dainty jewelry instead of statement pieces that can trap heat causing you to sweat. Trade out a statement necklace for a simple, drop pendant or a heavy cuff for a delicate, tennis bracelet. Your jewelry doesn't need to be over the top to make a big statement. 


  • Shorter veil length. Selecting a veil that is shorter will keep you cool during the warmer months by eliminating an additional layer of fabric that can cause you to become warm and uncomfortable over time. Shorter veils won't hold as much heat, but can still create a lovely effect.

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Summer Wedding Makeup Tips

Whether you're a bride or a guest, summer wedding makeup can go really right or really wrong. Being in the wedding industry we have found, that in this generally hot season, the lighter the better. As a bride, a fresh subtle face is what your guests want to see. Your natural colors, combined with your radiant smile are more than enough-- we promise! Of course, there's ways to do this, while feeling confident in your natural-looking skin! We've thrown together some important summer makeup tips to remember for your special day!

1. Go light on the skin

We're big advocates for this tip in particular! Summer means heat, combined with dancing, socializing and just movin' around! Don't clog your pores. Go easy on the foundation, and touch it off with a light layer of powder-- or tell your makeup artist this is what is sensible! Say no to contouring for the day. The one exception to this, is using a light pink blush to accentuate your already gorgeous features! Let your natural beauty be seen by those who love it most.

2. Let us see your pretty eyes!

A light eye shadow will definitely do the job. Avoid dark browns and deep maroons to stay away from that beloved fall look. As far as eyeliner goes, a thin line on your top lid does volumes to brighten up your eyes! Consider using a brown liner if you have lighter eyes or skin. No need for a cat tail or harsh thick line. Something really neat you can do with your bottom eye liner, is smudge the line below your lashes. If you insist on wearing false eyelashes, don't go with extremely thick and long ones! There are plenty out there that will allow you to continue with that natural look you're going for. Remember, you can always trim them, too! 

3. Don't skip a bold brow

Thick brows have definitely made a come back in recent years. Fill them in so they're "on fleek", but stop there. No need to take a pen to them! Again, this is one type of make up that would be pretty embarrassing if it smudged off throughout the night.

4. Pretty and pink smooches!

A lot of people tend to forget the lips! The truth of the matter is, your light pink or blush lip color is going to add to your natural look! Whether you prefer a gloss or a lipstick, choose light and pink. Below are our favorite lip looks. 

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Summer Wedding Guest Style Guide

Summer weddings can be so much fun for so many reasons! The tasty food, refreshing drinks, summertime jams. There’s no doubt that it can be hot, (especially for you Arizonans reading this!) but instead of dreading the heat, beat it with these styling tips. 

1. Break out the halter top dresses!

And don’t stop there! There are so many different shapes of sleeveless dresses sure to help you stay cool and look classy at the same time. From tank top dresses to spaghetti strap, below our a few of our favorites. Click the images to shop these styles below!

2. Say yes to the block heeled sandal…

Block heeled sandals are SO in right now. The good news about this, there are so many places you can find them at an affordable price (most of them look similar, too!). We love this sandal for many reasons. The first, they are too cute for summer. The second, they’re the perfect blend between fancy and summer casual. Pro tip: Lulu's has amazing ones at unbeatable prices! Click the link to shop these styles below!

3. Up-do’s are the way to go!

Get that hair up and out of your way. The one thing that will make you hotter when it’s already hot, is moving around, dancing, socializing, etc. To avoid this, throw your hair in a messy bun, ponytail, or braid! At the end of the night you will be so glad you chose that up-do!

4. Let us see your real skin!

Save yourself the hassle of putting on makeup just to sweat it off. Use a lightweight powder, a simple eye shadow, and finish it off with a touch of lip gloss. Bring blotting papers to freshen up throughout the day, and touch up with more powder. Let your skin breathe, and it will thank you!

5. Don’t go crazy with the jewelry...

A simple necklace and earrings will do the job and save you money when preparing your wedding assemble. Not only will it allow you to move more freely, but it decreases your chances of getting ‘hooked’ on your blind wedding date.