Monroe Street Abbey, Downtown Phoenix | Styled Shoot

If you didn’t know the location, you may see these photos and think they were taken in Spain. ✨This magical styled shoot actually took place at the Monroe Street Abbey, a historical landmark in Downtown Phoenix. It was the perfect venue for this Spanish inspired look.

The bride wore a gorgeous Sottero & Midgley gown, covered in lace from head to toe. The dress was a perfect traditional style to complement the historic backdrop.

A huge thank you goes out to Lora Grogan for sharing these incredible photos with us! Keep scrolling for more inspiration and all the vendor details! ✨

Royal Palms Resort | Styled Shoot

We were so excited to collaborate with an amazing team of vendors for this styled shoot! Unlike our other styled shoots, we had THREE different brides - all rocking stunning, unique dresses. One of our favorite things about this shoot was how the team utilized three different areas of the Royal Palms Resort to show different styles. This venue has something for every type of bride! 👰

A huge thank you goes out to April Maura for sharing these incredible photos with us! Keep scrolling for more inspiration from each of our couples! ✨

Florist: Array Design AZ | Venue: Royal Palms Resort | Photographer: April Maura




What To Do After Finding Your Dress

You did it! You found your dream wedding dress! CONGRATULATIONS GIRL 🎉 This is a big commitment and now you can take a deep breathe and celebrate! 

But wait -  you’re not done. It’s time to put together your bridal look. From alterations to accessories and steaming/cleaning - we’re here to help you. And you thought we were just going to sell you a dress and send you on your way. 

We love building connections with our brides and not just to sell them a dress. As your stylists, we’re here to educate and help complete your bridal dreams.  👰

Let’s Make Your Dress Fit like a Glove

Once you purchase your dress, the next big step is alterations. Keep in mind, alterations should be done 2-3 months before the wedding day. This is standard in bridal whether you order or buy off the rack. 

Here at Brilliant Bridal, we recommend a full list of alteration specialists (selection depending upon what location you purchase from). Why don’t we offer in house alterations? Great question! Often times, in house alterations the cost of the dress is hiked up and you’re limited on alteration options. That’s why we provide a list of seamstresses we recommend, and they only make our list based on examples of their work and outstanding word of mouth. These lovely people do not work for Brilliant Bridal - we’re just one small business helping another. 

When scheduling to meet with the seamstress, your first appointment will be a consultation. Numerous alteration specialists on our lists offer free consultations and others just a small fee for their services. The consultation is important because this is when you find out what needs to be done to your dress and how much it will cost. 

Use this consultation to:

  1. See if you connect with the seamstress 

  2. Make sure you trust their work 

  3. Get a price quote 

A consultation doesn’t mean you’re stuck - it’s okay to consult with multiple seamstresses to make sure you pick the right person to work on your wedding dress. 

Now let’s go pick out some accessories! ✨


It’s true - your wedding dress should be the most self-expressive garment you ever purchase. So, help that personality shine by adding accessories! 

At Brilliant Bridal, we not only sell wedding dresses but accessories too! From earrings, necklaces, sashes and hairpieces - we make sure we have enough glitz for our brides to complete their look. 💍

Debating on whether or not you want a veil? Hop over to our Let’s Talk Veils post for some veil inspiration! 

It can be difficult to pick out what pieces will go perfectly with your dress and can be even harder when you don’t have your dress on hand. No worries, we got you, girl! 

Give us a call or schedule here on our site for an Accessory Appointment. This is the perfect opportunity for you to put your dress back on (because what bride wouldn’t be excited to do that) and it’s your chance to work with your stylist again to pick out your bridal accessories. This way you can make sure everything flows and works together perfectly!

Already have all your accessories? Have friends and family that haven’t seen your dress yet? Come party with us for one final HOORAH at Brilliant Bridal!

Reveal Party

In all the glory of planning bridal appointments and finding the one, it can be difficult for everyone important to you to be there for those life moments. That’s why Brilliant Bridal offers reveal party appointments! 

Reveal Parties are an oh so fun way for you to celebrate with treats and drinks! (What is offered depends on location). This lovely little bonus is at no cost to you - we just love having fun with our #brilliantbabes! 

If you decide to schedule a reveal party, these appointments are typically 30 minutes - just enough time for you and your loved ones to celebrate this new chapter in your life and your fabulous new wedding dress! 

This concludes our series on how to prepare, what to expect and what goes on during and after appointments with Brilliant Bridal. We hope these posts have been beneficial for your dress search and bridal planning! If you’re already a #brilliantbabe, thank you for choosing us to find your dream dress! If you’re a new bride, then come on over! Your dress is waiting to be found! 💙

Finding The One & Falling In Love

Hello again Brilliant Babes! Today, let’s talk about LOVE. 

Love is in the air when you get engaged, but not just the love between you and your fiancé. Falling in love with and finding your wedding dress is such a precious and unforgettable moment that will forever be part of your love story.

The other “love” we will be discussing is self-love. Because girl, you ARE beautiful and deserve the world - especially on your wedding day. 💛

Today’s post is continuing “Hey Brilliant Babe - Your Dress Is Waiting To Be Found”.  If you haven’t been following this series - check out our past blogs on “How to Prepare For the Bridal Experience” and “What To Expect” for stress relieving advice on the bridal process. Our latest part of the series showcased how the appointment generally runs, and how you and your stylist work together to find “the one”. 

Loving Vs. Liking 

Liking a dress isn’t the same as loving a dress. While shopping for your gown, you will find that there are many dresses out there that you like. However, only one dress will be YOUR dress. There's always beautiful dresses out there, but only one will speak to you and give you that special bride feeling. ✨

Narrowing Down

Don’t let yourself fall in love and have a favorite at every store you go to! This will only cause extra stress and confusion, and we all know planning a wedding brings enough of that. Be sure to narrow down and eliminate as you go! This isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but looking at each detail and picking what you like and don’t like about each gown can be super beneficial. 👏 As our Brilliant Bridal stylist Mary always says, “You’re not marrying your second favorite person, so don’t get married in your second favorite dress!”

Self love

If you take away one thing from this post, please let it be this. When you go out and look for your gown, remember to be kind to yourself. You don’t deserve the self-criticism that sometimes comes with dress shopping. Love yourself & love your body. In some cases, limiting the amount of people you bring along with you can be helpful. Having so many opinions can be overwhelming, and you must remember this is about YOU and how YOU feel. 👰 At Brilliant Bridal, we believe that the dress is about what fits your personality, not your body type. If you want bold and sexy, we will find you the perfect fitted dress for your frame. If you want something romantic and whimsical, we can find a gorgeous flowy A-line. It’s all about finding a gown that expresses who you are as a bride. 🙌

The knot

The knot

Stay on the look out for our final post in the series - what to do after your find your dress. 🎉 In this post, we will discuss alterations, accessories, steaming and pressing, and MORE!

Las Vegas Desert Wedding | Styled Shoot

We are so excited to throw it back and share inspiration with you from an amazing styled shoot in Las Vegas, Nevada. This beautiful couple created some magic in the middle of the desert. ✨

Gissel wore a traditional lace gown with stunning classic sleeves. The talented team accented the dress with a gorgeous cathedral length veil, bold jewelry, and a flower crown that matched the perfectly crafted bouquet. 🌻

A huge thank you goes out to Megan Haun for sharing these incredible photos with us! Keep scrolling for more inspiration and all the vendor details! ✨