Let's Talk Veils

Veil or no veil is the big question brides find asking themselves, along with - how did adding a piece of fabric to your head even become a thing? Glad you asked!

For centuries, veils have been connected to cultural and religious traditions like warding off evil or symbolizing modesty. It wasn’t until Queen Victoria rocked a veil and a white dress for her nuptials that veils became a wedding staple.

Today, it’s up to the bride if she wants one or not - sometimes popping on that veil can give you all the bridal feels! Let’s be real, when will you ever have the chance to wear a veil again? The trends of hairpieces and flower crowns come and go, but a veil is forever timeless. 👰

With all the options out there, it’s easy to find a veil that’s uniquely you. Once you’ve found your style, it helps to know where and how to wear it of course!  Keep scrolling for veil tips and inspo!


  • If you have the opportunity, find your veil while you have the dress on. This will help you get the clearest picture of how it could look. It’s also the best way to guarantee the color and details coincide. *At Brilliant Bridal, we offer accessory appointments for this purpose! 🙌

  • If your veil has a comb - the curve of the comb goes with the curve of your head. Knowing this, will make wedding day prep a little less stressful.


These are the most common of veils. Fingertip length is what you typically see - where the veil just barely brushes the tips of your fingers. Elbow length is also just as it sounds - the edge will hit right at the elbow. Fingertip veils are perfect if you don’t want the fuss of finding a unique style and just want that bridal feel. TIP: since these veils are shorter and the detail is closer to the gown - make sure the veil detail doesn’t take away or compete with your gown. You want them to flawlessly blend.

Our Brilliant Bride Brianna by  em weddings photo

Our Brilliant Bride Brianna by em weddings photo


If you are a traditional gal and want the classic bridal feel - then a two-tier option is perfect! The veil that goes over your face is called a Blusher -  so having a two - tier veil, allows the top piece to be draped over your face and then lifted back once at the altar. This style also tends to add volume, so if you’re going for that Grace Kelly vibe, then this style is for you!





Cathedral veils are typically the longest style and tend to extend past the train on your gown.
No, you don’t have to be getting married in a church to rock a cathedral veil. These beauties are for all the drama and can be worn with an elaborate ball gown or even a simple silk sheath. These veils are meant for that bride who wants to be a little extra! So, if your goal is to feel like a queen strutting down that aisle then a cathedral veil will definitely make a statement.

If you feel like cathedral is too long - chapel and sweeping veils still give that long effect, but not nearly as much of a fuss.





Son tan bonitas!! Mantillas are a traditional Spanish veil with a thick lace trim from top to bottom. Instead of a comb, these romantic veils drape over the head and are secured with hair pins. Many brides that want that angelic traditional feel will choose a Mantilla. This style can either be shorter like fingertip length or go as long as a cathedral.




The ever so romantic Juliet cap - oh how I Love thee! This unique style is for that bride with a vintage heart and a boho spirit. Juliet caps cover the majority of your head and often have beadwork or lace detail - typically worn with your hair down.




Now, if you really want to have fun and be unique - birdcage veils give that touch of sophistication with a dash of sass. 💋This vintage style is still popular among modern brides and is often worn off to the side of your head so it crosses over the eyes. TIP: make sure to steam it out and pin down any parts necessary so everything lays nicely for photos.





Cape veils are a recent trend as an alternative to the traditional veils and you wouldn’t believe how ethereal these beauties can be. This style typically hooks onto the back of your gown, so the fabric just flows past your shoulders cascading to the ground. Since this is such a new trend, there are all types of cape veils to choose from. Whether you want to be different or just want to spruce up your gown, this veil style will certainly make for some elegant photos.



We covered the most common styles of veils and hope this helped you with your journey on finding the perfect one for your big day!

Bridal Tradition: Something Borrowed

Throughout July, we will be bringing you another mini series! This month we'll be diving into the wedding tradition "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." This bridal rhyme may be dated, but our ideas of how to incorporate each token are full of new life!

Part three of the rhyme "something borrowed," may be one of the most difficult because it tends to be the most limiting. Sometimes you're not the same dress size or shoe size as the other women in your life, or maybe you simply don't have the same taste in style as they do, which can be so limiting in the items you wish to borrow. 

In an effort to not leave you empty handed, we have researched some fresh ideas to help you pick your 'something borrowed.' However, don't let picking an item stress you out too much, and especially this something, since it's supposed to represent happiness and a lifetime of marital bliss! So just remember, whatever you choose for your 'something borrowed' should bring you joy! 


Borrowing jewelry, unlike shoes, is a much easier fit! You're friend, mom or grandmother may not have your exact style, but maybe you've always admired one of their bracelets or rings. This option is definitely good for an eclectic bride or one who is pretty sentimental.

In case you missed the first two weeks of this series, we talked about ways to incorporate jewelry in both our 'something old' and 'something new' posts, as well. Look back through our posts to get caught up on all you've missed, and be sure to check back next week for some inspiration on 'something blue.'

Shrug or Shawl

A shrug or a shawl can be the perfect 'something borrowed' because the styles can be easily overlapped. Often times your married friends may have already purchased one for their own wedding or special formal event. Shrugs are super practical for winter weddings, but also, a lovely accessory to add some texture and personality for any wedding day look, regardless of the season. Below are some of our favorites, and there are even more pinned to our Pinterest

Bouquet Charms

We mentioned bouquet lockets during the first week of this series as a way of honoring lost loved ones, but we also love this twist for all our sorority sisters! Ask your sisters to borrow their pins and attach them to the ribbon around your bouquet. This is a sweet way to incorporate your sisters, even though they may not all be able to be a part of your wedding party.

Veil or Hair Accessory 

As we've mentioned before, a lot of ideas for fulfilling the four parts of this rhyme overlap, but you are almost definitely going to wear a veil or hair accessory of some sort, so it's worth mentioning that maybe you will be able to borrow one or both items to complete your wedding day look! Think back to your favorite brides looks, and don't be shy. Just ask if you could borrow one of your favorite somethings that they wore. 


Day of Necessity 

Your need for a last minute something is bound to come up. The question is are you willing to wait and see what that item may be. If you're a spontaneous bride and don't really feel the need to plan each of your somethings out. Then, wait until your wedding day and see what you actually need to pull your look together. It could be as simple as a bobby pin or a touch up of lipstick from one of your maids. If nothing is needed, borrow a penny and stick it in your shoe, face up of course. This tradition is also for good luck and not just happiness. 

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Choose the Right Veil for Your Dress

For the month of February, we will be talking about all things veils, so be sure to check back over the following weeks for alternative veil styles + more!

So you've found the perfect dress, now it's time to choose the right veil.  Choosing the right veil for your dress is like the brilliant balance of icing on cake. Eating cake all by itself is still delicious, but it leaves you wanting more. And a cake with too much icing is good for a few bites but ultimately too rich; a wedding dress and veil have a similar effect. It is essential to strike the right balance between the two so your veil doesn't overpower your gorgeous dress.

When it comes to choosing a wedding veil, there are a wide variety of colors, lengths, fabrics and embellishments to pick from. It may feel overwhelming deciding which of these styles is right for your dress, so we put together a questionnaire to help you make a decision. It is important to note that selecting a veil is nearly impossible without purchasing your dress first, so buy your dress first (we've heard of this lovely bridal boutique Brilliant Bridal *wink wink*)! 

What is the color of your dress? 

The color of your veil should match your dress exactly. Unless you're thinking of wearing an antique veil, then the aesthetic of wearing an heirloom outweighs the need for the dress and veil to match perfectly. Just make sure that the colors pair well together.

Via pinterest

Via pinterest

What is the focal point of your dress?

Whatever made you fall in love with the dress in the first place is probably the focal point, and you want to make sure that the veil complements that feature. For example, if your dress has an intricate, back, try pairing it with a sheer veil with only one layer, that lets that beautiful detail show through. Or if your gown is completely decorated in crystal beading opt for a simple veil that will really let your dress shine. 

via pinterest

via pinterest

What type of embellishments are on your dress?

You will want to match the embellishment of your dress to the embellishment on your veil. If your dress is decorated with lace appliqué, it would look very cohesive to also have lace on your veil. However, just make sure the laces are complimentary if not matching. If your dress is adorned with crystal beading, try pairing it with a crystal trimmed veil. Just make sure your veil doesn't try to steal the show. (*FYI* rhinestones have a silvery shine, while crystals give off a softer, white sparkle.)

via pinterest

via pinterest

How low is the back neckline of your dress? 

You will want to make sure your veil falls below the back bodice neckline. It tends to look unfinished and disconnected if there is a gap of skin showing in between where your veil ends and the back neckline. If your dress has a low back and a long veil isn't your style, you could try a a birdcage veil, flower crown or jeweled headpiece. 

via pinterest

via pinterest

What is the style of your dress?

Whether your style is classic, modern, bohemian or somewhere in between, the length of your veil can help you achieve your overall bridal aesthetic. A more classic or traditional look can be achieved with a longer veil (ballet, chapel or cathedral length). Or a more modern or edgy aesthetic can be achieved with a shorter veils (birdcage, shoulder or elbow length). 

via pinterest

via pinterest

All in all, 

There are always exceptions to the rules, you do you, so try on a few different styles and see which ones you love the most. Also, our stylists are more than willing to help you choose the right veil to complete your bridal look. We just recommend that you bring your dress in to get the best match!

Lastly if you're still feeling a little lost on all this veil terminology, the Southbound Bride has a lovely blog that breaks down the different veil lengths + pictures! And as always if you're looking for more wedding inspiration, follow us on Instagram!

Wedding Veils 101

After you've purchased your dream wedding gown at Brilliant Bridal, it's time to accessorize! As you know, we like to say that wedding gown as the cornerstone of our bridal party style. Even more, your veil will be the cornerstone of your wedding accessory style! You'll want to start accessorizing your bridal style by first selecting your veil. From there, you can choose complimenting necklaces, earrings, bracelets & belts. You'll want to make sure that your accessories are complimentary to each other, not competing.

When our brides shop with us, they are sometimes surprised with the variety of veil lengths! Here's a helpful infographic to showcase the different veil lengths.

Each Brilliant Bridal boutique carries a variety of veils in varying lengths and styles! From horsehair, to lace, to bling - we've got you covered!

Here are a few of our favorite inspiration looks!

Blusher - BHLDN

Flyaway - Etsy

Shoulder - Bridal Musings

Waist - Coco Meledy

Knee - Elibra Handmade

Chapel - BHLDN


Cathedral - Oscar de la Renta

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