Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring Online

Today's blog is a collab with Tara Gomez from Primstyle, an online jewelry retailer. She will be sharing her top tips for buying an engagement ring online, so you can find your dream ring!

So you've decided to upgrade your significant other to fiancé status! Congratulations, that is so exciting! Now it's time for the fun part, shopping for the dream ring to seal the deal. You've probably already scrolled through hundreds of pins on Pinterest and even browsed at a local jewelry store, but if you're not finding what you want at the price point you want to spend, this blog post is for you. We turned to the help of a jewelry expert from Primstyle to bring you all the tips you'll need when buying an engagement ring online.

While there are still many stores to purchase rings from, buying you dream ring online has started becoming even more popular. It saves couples time and money in a convenient setting, where price comparison and looking at multiple options is as easy as switching between internet windows. However, it does pose some challenges in verifying: quality, authenticity and rarity. These concerns are just some of the reasons that cause couples to be uncertain with their online purchases. That, alongside with the fact that you won’t be able to tangibly hold the item or see it with your own eyes, can raise a lot of doubts when buying an item with such a high value. 

But fear not, we have put together a checklist so you can protect yourself from the uncertainties of buying an engagement ring online. We hope that this information will give you a newfound confidence in your online shopping experience.

Check if the Seller is Trustworthy

You should know who you are buying your engagement ring from. Take your time to research the seller. Look for reviews from previous buyers or their ratings from third party sources. Trust is an invaluable commodity in the jewelry industry. 

If you are buying something vintage or antique, it is likely that it won’t have any form of certification and you may need to rely on the seller’s expertise.  Also, it’s best to buy from someone who has possession of the item, can be contacted directly, and is willing to answer all your questions regarding the ring. The last thing you want is a flawed piece of jewelry with a seller that’s difficult to contact right after the purchase.

Look for a Return Policy

Sometimes, items purchased online are not what you expected. The ring size might be wrong, the stone's cut isn't how you imagined or maybe the color differs from the picture. Purchasing an engagement ring from a seller with a return policy is the best way to ensure not putting a strain on your finances (in case, you happen to buy the wrong item). Plus, a seller without a return policy should make you question if they trusts their own product.

Review Images and Videos

The biggest challenge of purchasing your ring online is that you can’t tangibly hold or touch the product you want to buy. Check out the ring from all angles and note any distinct features such as maker’s marks or artist signatures. We recommend viewing as many photos as you can and even request a video (this may not be available, but it will give you the most insight)! If the seller mentions that the item has imperfections or damage, ask to see a close up of that, too. 

Ask for Authentication + Certification

Check the item's description for professional appraisals, lab reports and images to back up the described qualities. In addition, diamonds should be independently certified by the Gemological Institute of America. You can also check metal quality by asking for a metal purity stamp. Never feel bad asking to verify the quality or condition of an item. If a seller believes in their product, they will understand you are just trying to be an informed buyer. 

Always Do Your Research

Do your homework before making your purchase, and use the internet to your advantage! Take your time shopping around on multiple sites to ensure you are getting your dream ring at a dream price. Also, you'll want to look for verification that your diamond is conflict free (seller's are usually very open about this if they are selling conflict free). Lastly, clarify that you and your fiancé understand the seller’s terms of sale and return policy. 

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