Wedding Tradition: Something New

Throughout July, we will be bringing you another mini series! This month we'll be diving into the wedding tradition "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." This bridal rhyme may be dated, but our ideas of how to incorporate each token are full of new life!

Last week we covered ideas for 'something old;' if you missed it, we'll link that post here to get you caught up! This week we are on to the second part of the rhyme 'something new,' which as it sounds is the opposite of the first part. 'Something old' was honoring the past, while 'something new' celebrates the hope of a future marriage. This symbol is worn for good luck to represent the success the new couple will have together. 

There are overlaps between each part of the rhyme. You may find that the something you want to use is both 'something old' and 'something borrowed,' or maybe its 'something new' and 'something blue.' There isn't a right or wrong way to acquire and combine items; just do what brings you the most joy and pair up items as you see fit! For example, we covered jewelry, perfume and veils last week and this week, so it just depends on your bridal aesthetic how you want to incorporate each item. 

Keep scrolling to see what we came up with for 'something new' and leave us a comment at the end or through social media letting us know what you'll be using as your 'something new' on your wedding day!


If new jewelry is in your budget, then we totally recommend looking into Kendra Scott jewelry. Each piece comes in a different metal tone or color; it's all so customizable! Plus when you sign up to join their mailing list, you can earn fifteen percent off your first purchase! 

If jewelry isn't really in the budget, but you would still like some new pieces, we carry necklaces, earrings and bracelets in all of our stores (everything is marked down from the retail price).



After you've bought your dream dress, shopping for new shoes has got to be one of the most fun things to buy for your bridal look! There is so much freedom to wear whatever shoes you love, whether they are: girlie and sweet; over-the-top and fabulous; quirky and unique; or sporty and comfy. Really, let nothing stop you because they will be hidden under your dress!


We talked about perfume last week, but smell is just so important for remembering this special day that it's worth bringing up again this week. If you are going to make perfume your 'something new,' there are really two routes to take. Either work with a professional to create a custom scent just for you, or head over to Ulta and start testing all of their samples 'till you find one you like! If you're creating a custom scent, you can use Google to find someone local, so you can actually smell your fragrance beforehand!



Getting a tattoo for your wedding day may be a little bit edgier than you're up for, but according to studies about 30% of the population (or three in ten) already have at least one tattoo. So maybe you already have one or maybe you just have a board on Pinterest dedicated to them, either way these inspo photos are going to make you think twice! We love how boldly these couples are declaring their love for each other, with permanent reminders of the commitment they made.

Veil + Hair Accessories

We've covered veils and hair accessories on the blog earlier this year, so we'll link back to those to give you even more ideas. However, one option that we haven't mentioned in either of those blogs are our hair vines. We offer them in silver and gold and they can either be worn vertically like what's pictured below or like a crown/halo. They are the perfect hair accessory for brides who don't want to wear a veil or a flower crown!


Garters are one of those timeless 'something new' tokens that resulted in a whole other wedding tradition, the garter toss. If you're opting out of this tradition, there are plenty of other choices for your 'something new,' but if you are shopping for a garter, you can find them online or in our store. We have a little bit of everything: some with sparkle, some with lace and some that are even blue.


A bridal robe can be so necessary to keep your hair and makeup looking fresh while you continue getting ready for the day. Plus, you can find them in all kinds of styles; just look on Etsy or Pinterest or of course, Google. You don't get to wear this 'something new' the whole day, but it still would be a beautiful symbol of good luck and make your getting ready photos look amazing!

Again, we would love to hear what you're planning on using as your 'something new' so leave us a comment on any of our socials. And to see more wedding inspo + new arrivals + behind the scenes action, head over to our pages and follow us on PinterestInstagram, Facebook (ArizonaDenver, & Las Vegas).