Bridal Tradition: Something Borrowed

Throughout July, we will be bringing you another mini series! This month we'll be diving into the wedding tradition "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." This bridal rhyme may be dated, but our ideas of how to incorporate each token are full of new life!

Part three of the rhyme "something borrowed," may be one of the most difficult because it tends to be the most limiting. Sometimes you're not the same dress size or shoe size as the other women in your life, or maybe you simply don't have the same taste in style as they do, which can be so limiting in the items you wish to borrow. 

In an effort to not leave you empty handed, we have researched some fresh ideas to help you pick your 'something borrowed.' However, don't let picking an item stress you out too much, and especially this something, since it's supposed to represent happiness and a lifetime of marital bliss! So just remember, whatever you choose for your 'something borrowed' should bring you joy! 


Borrowing jewelry, unlike shoes, is a much easier fit! You're friend, mom or grandmother may not have your exact style, but maybe you've always admired one of their bracelets or rings. This option is definitely good for an eclectic bride or one who is pretty sentimental.

In case you missed the first two weeks of this series, we talked about ways to incorporate jewelry in both our 'something old' and 'something new' posts, as well. Look back through our posts to get caught up on all you've missed, and be sure to check back next week for some inspiration on 'something blue.'

Shrug or Shawl

A shrug or a shawl can be the perfect 'something borrowed' because the styles can be easily overlapped. Often times your married friends may have already purchased one for their own wedding or special formal event. Shrugs are super practical for winter weddings, but also, a lovely accessory to add some texture and personality for any wedding day look, regardless of the season. Below are some of our favorites, and there are even more pinned to our Pinterest

Bouquet Charms

We mentioned bouquet lockets during the first week of this series as a way of honoring lost loved ones, but we also love this twist for all our sorority sisters! Ask your sisters to borrow their pins and attach them to the ribbon around your bouquet. This is a sweet way to incorporate your sisters, even though they may not all be able to be a part of your wedding party.

Veil or Hair Accessory 

As we've mentioned before, a lot of ideas for fulfilling the four parts of this rhyme overlap, but you are almost definitely going to wear a veil or hair accessory of some sort, so it's worth mentioning that maybe you will be able to borrow one or both items to complete your wedding day look! Think back to your favorite brides looks, and don't be shy. Just ask if you could borrow one of your favorite somethings that they wore. 


Day of Necessity 

Your need for a last minute something is bound to come up. The question is are you willing to wait and see what that item may be. If you're a spontaneous bride and don't really feel the need to plan each of your somethings out. Then, wait until your wedding day and see what you actually need to pull your look together. It could be as simple as a bobby pin or a touch up of lipstick from one of your maids. If nothing is needed, borrow a penny and stick it in your shoe, face up of course. This tradition is also for good luck and not just happiness. 

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