Wedding Traditions: 'Something Old'

Throughout July, we will be bringing you another mini series! This month we'll be diving into the wedding tradition "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." This bridal rhyme may be dated, but our ideas of how to incorporate each token are full of new life!

Wedding traditions come from some quirky superstitions and silly sayings, but at the core this one is focused on bringing the new couple good luck! The object worn for 'something old' represents continuity and leverages the good fortune of marriages that came before. It's a way of honoring the couples that raised them and bringing that love into their relationship.

As we were researching inspo for 'something old', there was a strong overlap between the parts. You may find that the something you want to use is both 'something old' and 'something borrowed', or maybe its 'something new' and 'something blue.' There isn't a right or wrong way to acquire and combine items; just do what brings you the most joy and pair up items as you see fit! Keep scrolling to see what we came up with for 'something old' and leave us a comment at the end or through social media letting us know what you'll be using as your 'something old' on your wedding day.


Most of our brides aren't very interested in wearing mom or grandma's dress, but wearing their veil is a sweet way to still incorporate a piece of history. 

Lockets + Photo Charms

By tying a small locket or photo charm around your bridal bouquet you can honor lost, loved ones on your special day. And if you already have your 'something old,' but are looking for other "heartfelt ways to include lost loved ones in your wedding day" click here.



Jewelry may be the easiest 'something old' to find, whether it's a family heirloom or vintage piece you found on Etsy the options are endless from earrings to necklaces and rings to bracelets. 


We got this idea from one of Our Brilliant Brides; she used her grandmothers perfume as a way to include her memory into her wedding day. 


This bridal accessory is super functional for keeping all of your "day of" necessities (lip stick, blotting papers, bobby pins, deodorant). If your mom/aunt/grandma doesn't already have a clutch or coin purse it won't be hard to find one at your local antique store and there is always Etsy for online convenience. 

Hair Combs + Headpieces 

We love the idea of taking part of your grandma/mom's antique wedding dress and having it made into a head piece or hair comb; that way you still get to have a piece of history that's true to you. One of those 'something old' and 'something new' combos.



If you're choosing to tie the knot during a colder month or your wedding has a vintage, Great Gatsby feel, antique gloves would be the perfect addition! Whether they are short and sweet or long and dramatic, gloves can make quite the bridal statement.

Lastly and definitely the most practical 'something old,' would be to use an item you already have, and there is nothing wrong with that! Again, we would love to hear what you're planning on using as your 'something old' so leave us a comment on any of our socials. 

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