About Our Dresses

One of the questions we frequently get asked is where do we get our bridal dresses from and how can we sell them at such affordable prices.  The dresses we sell at Brilliant Bridal come from a variety of sources.  Most are brand new and even come with their original designer tags.  These dresses come directly from bridal manufacturers that have to make room for the current season's designs.  Some of our dresses come from high end boutiques that need to liquidate their inventory.  Regardless of their place of origin, we get to purchase wedding dresses at deeply discounted prices and pass the savings along to you.

Our Selection

Our selection of bridal dresses is unique for two big reasons:  our quantity and our quality.

Brilliant Bridal stores carry over 400 wedding gowns at each location.  And since we almost never have duplicates this means you get to see and try on a wider variety of bridal gowns than other stores are able to carry.

Don't be fooled by our low prices, our wedding dresses come from the top bridal designers and their quality far exceeds their price tag.  While you can find a wedding dress at a big chain bridal store in the same price range, our gowns will win on quality and value every time.  A higher quality gown means a better constructed and better fitting dress which means you will look your absolute best when all eyes are on you!

Purchasing Your Wedding Gown Off-the-Rack

Unlike traditional bridal boutiques where you need to order a wedding dress months before your wedding, at Brilliant Bridal you will buy your designer wedding gown off-the-rack and can leave our store with your dress the same day you find it!  

This is a great option for all brides since you get to try on and purchase your actual wedding gown, rather than a sample dress.  But this is an especially good option for brides with short engagements, elopements, Vegas weddings, or any other short term wedding planning situation that wouldn’t allow for the waiting period at traditional boutiques.