10 Tips from TikTok: Wedding Edition

10 Tips from TikTok: Wedding Edition

10 Tips from TikTok: Wedding Edition. Mobile Image

Feb 05, 2021

Okay, lets face it, we’ve all been a little addicted to TikTok. If you’re anything like us, your algorithm brings you an amazing yet unending page of wedding and bridal related videos and your bookmarks are full of wedding planning hacks. But keeping track of them all and figuring out which ones actually work, that's a chore in and of itself. So we decided to tackle this task and list out some of our favorites for you!


Instead of writing your vows on paper or putting them in your phone, write them on a clear sheet of glass or acrylic.


Use a white marker to write them out. It looks so nice and clean and can be hung up in your home afterwards! And, if you’re nervous about messing up? There are Etsy shops that can do it for you and make sure it looks perfect!



Do a first look with the groomsmen! 


For those of us who want to wait to be seen until we walk down the aisle, still consider doing a first look with the opposite sides of the bridal party. First of all, the pictures come out so fun and adorable. But secondly, it’s a great way to engage with each other's chosen people before the ceremony starts.



Skip the ceremony programs and menu cards.


They all get thrown away at the end of the night. Make one or two of each to have as a keepsake, but don’t make one for everyone. Your guests know what is going to happen during the ceremony and they already picked what they are going to eat. Save the money and put it towards something else! 


Have food trucks instead of traditional caterers! 


This is a big way to save some money when planning a wedding. If you ditch the traditional caterers and opt for food truck catering for your big day, your food costs can be cut from as much as $100 per head to $15 per head. Just be aware that food trucks are not often all inclusive in their price, so ask about other fees. Either way, you’ll still be saving a ton.



Have an unplugged ceremony!


We see this time and time again. Wedding photos coming back where Aunt Jane and Uncle John are trying to get a photo of the bride or groom, ruining an otherwise perfect shot. Letting your guests know that you are having an unplugged ceremony up front will encourage them to put the electronics away during the ceremony. For those who might give some pushback on this: remind them that you will have a photographer and videographer and they can just relax and enjoy the day!


Cut the Cake Right After Your Grand Entrance!


Okay, bear with us because this was something we weren't too sure about the first time we saw it too. But it kept coming up, and it kind of makes sense! Cutting the cake right after your entrance allows for the cake to be served right after dinner because they can take it into the back and start cutting. Doing it right after the entrance also still means that no one has started dancing yet and you won't have to interrupt the party later on!



Find Wedding Favors That Won’t Get Left Behind.


Guests often forget these at the venue, but if your set on having them here are a few tips! Have you MC make an announcement before everyone leaves. Avoid putting your names or wedding dates on them. These ones always get forgotten. Instead try jars of honey, little bottles of alcohol, candles, things your guests can use later on. 


Have a Pre-Ceremony Moment With Your Soon to be Spouse!


Okay, so first looks are the first way to have a moment before the ceremony. But, some of us want to save the first look for when we are walking down the aisle, so do a first touch instead! Be on either side of a corner or door and reach for each other's hand. This is 1. A great photo opportunity and 2. A moment with just the two of you before the ceremony that can calm any nerves. Take this time to have a conversation, pray, or just be together before the big day starts.  



Have a Post-Ceremony Moment With Your New Spouse!


On the other side of our last point, take a moment just the two of you after your ceremony. Once you get into your reception, you are going to be busy entertaining and you won’t have as much time with each other as you expect. Share an intimate toast for the first time as a married couple.  


Have the Getaway Car Come Early!


So have someone in charge of making sure your getaway car comes early and then have that person pack it up with everything before your big send off! Give them a list of what needs to be packed up with you when you leave. This way, when you're done with your grand exit, you don’t have to turn around and get anything.