Who should I bring when I go wedding dress shopping?

Great question!  We're so glad you asked!

Your squad, girl gang, bridal entourage...today we're talking about who to bring with you when it's time to shop for your bridal gown.  So, who should be in your bride tribe? Generally, they are your closest friends & family members and let's be clear, we are not talking about a group of 15 of your "closest" friends. Your dress shopping experience will be one of the most memorable parts of planning your wedding and depending on who'd in your crew can dictate if that memory is a positive or negative one.  We've put together some "rules of engagement" that we hope will ensure you will have the best time of your life with the right people! 

 Lillian West  6421  Size 14  Sand  Retail Price $1197 | Our Price $838  (Available at our east valley store)

Lillian West  6421  Size 14  Sand  Retail Price $1197 | Our Price $838  (Available at our east valley store)


  • Bring people that always have your best interest at heart and support you no matter what. This might be your mom or it might not. It might be your sister or it might not. Listen, we know that navigating these relational waters is very, very difficult. Ultimately you know what is best for you and we will be here all day long to support you in doing what is right for you. 

  • It's helpful to have someone on team bride that knows your style really well. Do you have a great shopping buddy? Definitely invite them as long as they can give an honest opinion in a kind a loving way.

  • Are you using a wedding coordinator to help plan your wedding? Planners will often go shopping with their bride and in addition to your bridal stylist, can be a strong advocate for you and your best interest. They also will likely have the inside scoop on all your wedding details and can help speak to whether or not a dress is vibing with the rest of the wedding elements.

  • Stick to 1-3 close family members or friends. While most of our shops can accommodate a larger group, we have found that the magic number of people in your bride tribe is no more than 5. 

 Pronovias  Orinoco  White  Size 10  Retail Price $2,640 | OUR Price: $1,848  (Available at our Las Vegas Store)

Pronovias  Orinoco  White  Size 10  Retail Price $2,640 | OUR Price: $1,848  (Available at our Las Vegas Store)


  • Feel obligated to invite anyone! The people that are with you should be there because you want them there, not because you feel obligated to!

  • Be afraid to shop by yourself! We have brides come in all the time without an entourage to have a calm, relaxed fitting while making her own opinions. We highly recommend this if the idea of a bride tribe adds stress. We can always invite them back for a wedding dress "reveal appointment" after you've made your decision.

  • Forget that you're probably not the only bride shopping in the boutique. While a loud & fun group is exciting and brings life to your experience, we always want to respect the other brides who are in store for a special day too!

 Allure  9321  Blush  Size 6  Retail Price $,1450 | Our Price $,1015 (available at our Phoenix store)

Allure  9321  Blush  Size 6  Retail Price $,1450 | Our Price $,1015 (available at our Phoenix store)

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Find Your Wedding Dress In Three Steps

Your wedding gown is one of the most sentimental, personal and emotional purchases of your life! You'll want to find a dress that flaunts your best assets and is true to YOU! Trends come and go, but your personal style is timeless. All too often we meet brides who are trying to achieve a look that they've seen in magazines or a celebrity inspired style. When they slip into those dresses they just don't feel like themselves, we then use these next tips to help our brides find their dream dress! Keep reading so you too can find your wedding dress in three steps!

1. Take a look at your current wardrobe!

You'll notice a repeating style, fabric or neckline. Do you have a lot of lace skirts or shirts? Are strapless a-line dresses your go to for a Sunday out with the girls? Is your closet filled with high necklines? Take a few pointers from yourself and let your everyday style translate to your wedding style!

2. Find a few bridal designers who's styles you love.

Comb through your dream dress Pinterest board (we assumed you have one. obvis.) if you notice a you're constantly loving Stella York, or Watters or Pronovias gowns make note of that. You can also use The Knot wedding dress search engine to find designers you're really drawn to. When it's time for your bridal appointment, just let your stylist know which designers are your favorites. And we'll work our hardest to help you find one of their styles or something similar!

3. Consider the "style" of your wedding venue.

For example: if you're having a church ceremony, you might feel more comfortable in a dress with more coverage. Or if your venue is outdoors in the summer, you'll want to stay away from long sleeves - even though they're trending! And if your venue is in a barn or has rustic vibes, lace is a great fabric to go with, while on the other hand, if your venue in in a modern space like an art museum or industrial warehouse, clean lines and a structured fit are sure to make a statement! Overall, you want to make sure the aesthetic of your dress & venue are cohesive, so it all makes sense on your wedding day!

Do you have any other wedding dress style tips to share with future brides?! Comment below to share what you learned while wedding dress shopping. And check us out on social media for more wedding planning tips  + new arrivals + BTS action. 

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Wedding Day Essentials

There are many moving parts to planning a wedding, but luckily there are also a lot of resources out there to help you execute your big day as seamlessly as possible. Recently, we shared a post about how to plan a wedding in three months or less, which is an amazing resource for brides choosing to have a short engagement. Today, we’re going to focus on some wedding-day essentials that every bride should have on hand as she gets ready to walk down the aisle. Whether three months or three years away, it’s important to be prepared and to plan accordingly. 

Choosing the perfect bridal bag

It might sound silly, but having a bridal bag for your wedding day can be very helpful for keeping everything you need in one spot. Every bride is going to be different. Some brides will want everything but the kitchen sink, while others keep it simple. If you’re the first, consider getting a large weekender bag with many different compartments to keep everything organized and easily accessible. If you're the second, there are some really cute, simple bride tote bags out there that will easily get the job done. 



Thinking about your hair and makeup

Again, you might be a bride that’s opting for a professional makeup artist and hair stylist, or you could be creating your own look. Either way, make sure you have a practice run (or two) to figure out, not just, how long it will take to do your hair and makeup, but what tools you’re going to need. Another quick tip, is to plan ahead for crying with waterproof options; happy tears are a thing and will happen! Don’t forget to bring extra bobby pins and clips - just in case. And once you're getting ready for real on your wedding day, stick with what you know works with your hair and skin (it'll just cause extra stress by trying out a new concealer or hairspray that doesn't get the job done).



The most important fit of your life

Buying a wedding dress that doesn't need any alterations is like winning the lottery. Almost every bride will need to have some alterations to ensure the perfect fit. Alterations start months in advance and often require a series of fittings to make sure everything is perfect for the wedding day. However, stress, hormones and other factors can cause your body to fluctuate, leaving your dress a little too tight or a little too loose. You can plan ahead with items like: shapewear or tape to hold everything in place, a comfy strapless bra for proper support, and/or safety pins and a needle and thread for securing loose fabric. Plus, safety pins and thread can do wonders for a broken bustle loop that didn't make it through the whole night of dancing.



Finishing out the evening

For women that opt to wear luxurious heels down the aisle, a pair of flats or flip flops are essential for the rest of the evening, especially if you plan to hit the dance floor! In the event that your heels stay on, consider blister cushions and bandaids. There are also a variety of different heel inserts that will keep your feet feeling comfy throughout the evening. If you’re going straight to a hotel or airport for your honeymoon, make sure your bags are already packed and ready to go beforehand. No matter what you’re doing after the reception, you'll want to pack: a change of clothes, some face wipes to freshen up, and a hair tie to toss your hair up.



Every bride’s bag is going to have different essentials, so make sure you think about what your priorities are and what your day and night will look like to make sure you’re prepared to have the best day of your life!

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Our Brilliant Bride Ashley | Wisconsin Fall Wedding

Usually the 'Our Brilliant Bride' blog posts are full of all the wedding details and highlights of the big day. Today we're switching things up.  Our Brilliant Bride Ashley had a very unique dress shopping journey which she shared with us. We know many of you have been down or are currently on this same road to finding "the One" and we think Ashley's story will be a huge encouragement to you!

Make sure to scroll on after her story for all of the beautiful pictures from her photographer Mike Ford Photography. Trust us, after you read this story, you will be dying to see her dress! 

"I never thought I would care about a wedding dress, until I purchased a dress & I knew it was the wrong one (not from Brilliant Bridal). Thankfully I was able to return that dress which is when the real dress search began. I probably tried on over 100+ dresses....yes 100+. It had lost all its fun until someone asked if I ever looked at Brilliant Bridal. I looked you guys up online & made an appointment. My consultant was Kendra and we immediately 'clicked'. I found about 5-6 dresses, we went to the dressing room and I tried one on, not it, and Kendra said lets try the Pronovias-they are one of my favorites. I loved their dresses at other stores, but they were out of my price range. I put on the Pronovias & finally understood what 'The One' meant. I was Immediately IN LOVE with the dress! I put the dress on hold, because I am not great at making decisions for myself. As I got in the car, I knew I had to buy it, but I slept on it & woke up the next morning still so excited. I came back in & Kendra was able to get me an appointment with a seamstress to help me wrap my head around taking a size 8 dress down to a size 2 within my price range (which it was!). I bought the dress & the rest is bliss! 
Thank you all (and especially Kendra!) for your help in my wedding dress Journey :)"

Ps. Happy National Puppy Day from their ring bearer Vince 🐶💕

Spring New Arrivals | Franssical + Pronovias + more

Spring is in the air! And all of our Brilliant Bridal locations are literally bursting at the seams with new bridal gown arrivals for the season. So if you're one of our many brides that's vibing on a Spring or Summer wedding (or elopement!) scroll on for some of our current faves. And just in case you're not familiar with how things work here at Brilliant Bridal, all of our bridal gowns are sold off-the-rack for 30 - 80% off the original retail price, saving you hundreds of dollars! So if you see a dress you love, make your appointment asap before that beauty is gone for good.

New Stock. Unbelievable Prices. No Waiting.

And to see all our new inventory, check out our 'New Arrivals' albums on our Facebook pages (ArizonaDenver, & Las Vegas).


Classic glam meets romantic whimsy in these Allure bridal dresses. We can see them everywhere from an outdoor garden wedding to a traditional church ceremony or a modern art gallery venue.

Allure  2902 Ivory Size 8 (Las Vegas)
Retail Price $1500 | Our Price $1037

Allure 2963 Blush/Ivory Size 8 (Phoenix)
Retail Price $1068 | Our Price $747

Allure Romance 3008 Size 12 Gold (East Valley)
Retail Price: $1397 | Our Price: $978

Allure C284 Size 10 Ivory (Denver)
Retail Price: $2298 | Our Price: $1609


We're so excited to be offering Franssical gowns to our brides at all Brilliant Bridal locations for the first time!  This indie designer's style ranges from boho, to modern minimalist, to romantic princess. We love that they offer a little something for every bride with quality fabrics and construction at an affordable price.

Franssical F1770 Ivory (Multiple sizes available in Phoenix, East Valley, Denver + Las Vegas)
Retail Price $1530 | Our Price $1071

Franssical F1604 Ivory (Multiple sizes available in East Valley, Denver + Las Vegas)
Retail Price $1200 | Our Price $840

Franssical FP1715 Iv/Champ (Multiple sizes available in Denver + Las Vegas)
Retail Price $1200 | Our Price $840


Oh, Pronovias. Your Spanish lace gets us every time. We get two huge Pronovias shipments a year and our Spring shipment has just arrived! We have so many more styles than what is pictured here so definitely make sure to hop over to our Facebook pages for even more yummy bridal eye candy.

Pronovias Osmany Ivory (Multiple sizes available in Denver + Las Vegas)
Retail Price $3125 | Our Price $2184

Pronovias Orinoco Ivory Size 10 (East Valley)
Retail Price $2650 | Our Price $1848

Pronovias Orone Ivory Size 8 (Denver)
Retail Price $2199 | Our Price $1533

Pronovias Presen Ivory Size 8 (Phoenix)
Retail Price $2199 | Our Price $1533

Lillian West

If you're looking for the boho feels, Lillian West has them. These swoon worthy gowns are the perfect look for a Summer wedding in the woods or a beachfront destination celebration. These lovelies are all available at our East Valley location.

Lillian West 6421 Size 14 Sand
Retail Price: $1197 | Our Price: $838

Lillian West 6449 Size 12 Ivory
Retail Price: $1347 | Our Price: $943

Lillian West 6492 Size 14 Nude
Retail Price: $1447 | Our Price: $1013

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