4 Simple Things to Do After Getting Engaged

4 Simple Things to Do After Getting Engaged

4 Simple Things to Do After Getting Engaged. Mobile Image

Mar 02, 2023

So, your honey popped the question and you said "YES!" - congrats! Being proposed to and choosing to spend forever together is one of the most special and highly anticipated milestones in life. Before you dive headfirst into the wedding world we would love to share 4 often-forgotten details to properly kick off your fiancée era.


Take It All In


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This first tip may seem obvious, however, the moment of the proposal is exhilarating, yet brief - so truly be present and take in this spectacular moment. Perhaps snap a few photos! This stage of life that you are in now is fleeting which means that the wedding planning can wait a week or two while you and your significant other simply enjoy being fiancés!


Treat Yourself to a Manicure


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One thing we know is for certain, everyone will be dying to see your new, beautiful ring - so why not show off that left ring finger with freshly manicured nails!? Consider setting some time aside to pamper yourself by visiting your local salon or speed things up with a cute set of press-on nails, either way, you’ll be ready to take the perfect "just got engaged" selfie and make that joyous FaceTime call to your loved ones.


Start Spreading the News


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We can hear it now…the excitement and cheering of your closest friends and family over the fact that you just became a fiancée! If you are more of the introverted type, plan out a few FaceTime calls or a low-key lunch with your close-knit crew to share your special announcement. Alternatively, a larger-scale engagement party may be the perfect way for the extroverted bride to begin celebrating post-proposal. After all, time does fly, so allow yourselves to be celebrated and soak in all the love from your favorite people.


Talk With Your Fiancé


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Wedding planning can officially commence now that you and your fiance have been able to delight in newly-engaged life! Sit down together to share the visions and preferences you both have for a celebration that is right for you two. Begin outlining larger-scale tasks like working out your budget, narrowing down your wedding date or season, and getting inspired for your pending festivities - yes, that means it’s finally Pinterest’s time to shine! 


Listen, we get it! We love love as much as the next bride-to-be and it is only natural that the excitement of getting engaged often encourages the temptation to dive straight into wedding planning instead of slowing down and living in the blissful time between the proposal and the planning. While these tips may seem small, they are wholly important reminders to enjoy being a fiancée, pamper yourself, allow yourself to be celebrated, tackle your planning in pieces, and cherish this phase of life to the absolute fullest. We are rooting for you, bride-to-be!