5 Quick Tips For Moving In Together After Your Wedding

5 Quick Tips For Moving In Together After Your Wedding

5 Quick Tips For Moving In Together After Your Wedding. Mobile Image

Aug 03, 2020

Moving in together is an exciting step in any relationship. However, there are several factors you need to take into consideration, especially when the move comes after tying the knot. 

With all of the excitement and stress of your wedding finally behind you, it’s time to embark on the next chapter of your lives together. Whether you’ve lived under the same roof before or are sharing an address for the first time, here are five tips to keep in mind as you prepare to share a life and living space:



Prior to moving in together, it’s important to make sure you’re both on the same page regarding your goals, taking your career, lifestyle habits, and personal preferences into consideration. By being open and honest about your short and long-term visions, you can ensure an ideal living situation for both you and your spouse. 

Think about factors like how much house you can afford, how far you’re willing to commute for work, whether you plan to start a family, and where you’d like to live. By aligning your goals, you’ll be able to settle on a living space that works best for your lifestyle and budget.



While many couples move in together before their big day, it may make more sense to hold off until after your wedding. That way, you won’t have to plan a wedding and a move at the same time. The move-in timeline will look different from one couple to the next. Even if you’ve waited until after your nuptials, you’ll still want to determine the most convenient time to make the transition.  

Moving takes a considerable amount of time and energy. Coming off the stress of planning for your wedding, you may want to wait a couple of weeks or even months. To help ease the transition, consider sorting through your belongings and packing over time. If you didn’t start preparing pre-wedding, you may want to take the first few weeks to relax before starting the packing and moving process.



While you’ve likely already had discussions around your finances, it’s important to understand each partner’s financial responsibilities before living together. Should you open a joint bank account? Will you split bills evenly or will one partner take on more than the other? How much debt do you each carry? What is your household budget? Clarifying these questions can help you avoid miscommunication and financial hardship down the road.
If you plan to buy a new home together, you’ll also share the responsibility of a mortgage. It’s often harder to get approved for a mortgage if one partner has a low credit score or carries more debt. If this is the case, you may want to apply under one partner or secure a mortgage with a lower down payment to help ease the financial burden, especially if you’re still paying off your wedding.



How you set up your living space can make a big difference in your experience under the same roof. Before moving in together, discuss your home decor preferences and settle on styles that will help make your house feel uniquely yours. Adding personal touches like photos from your wedding, memorabilia from your relationship, or family heirlooms are great ways to achieve this. 

Try to prioritize your bedroom and living room, where you’ll likely spend the most time. Add comforting elements to these rooms, and introduce familiar scents and sounds. For instance, you could light your favorite candle or play music as you unpack to help you bond in your new place.



If you previously lived on your own, you may not be used to having someone else around all of the time. Living together will take some getting used to, but if you communicate regularly and voice your concerns, it could actually bring you closer together.

Change can take a toll on any relationship, but it doesn’t have to. By embracing change and keeping the romance alive, you can set yourselves up for a life of wedded bliss. Schedule regular date nights and set aside time throughout the chaos of moving to bond with each other. Make these plans a priority and allow this new experience to strengthen your relationship.  

During this delicate and exciting time in your relationship, keep an open mind and communicate to ensure you’re ready for the changes that come with moving in together.