Altar Talk: Don’t Scrap It

Altar Talk: Don’t Scrap It

Altar Talk: Don’t Scrap It. Mobile Image

Mar 15, 2021

Yay! You just got your dress back from the seamstress, and the bottom of your dress bag has scraps of tulle, chiffon, lace, and any other fabric that wasn’t necessary after alterations. What are you supposed to do with that? Well, we’ve asked around and have some amazing ideas for you.



1. Wrap Your Bouquet!


The first thing that we suggest is wrapping your bouquet with some of your scraps. This is such a simple way to further incorporate your style into the day. Having that soft fabric wrapped around your flowers will give you comfort to calm any nerves you may have before walking down the aisle. And you can always remove it to save for other things or pass it on during the bouquet toss!




2. Make a Christmas Ornament


We thought that this was such a fun and sentimental idea. So many of us save our ornaments from year to year, and this would be no exception. It’s also something that can be passed on as a family keepsake!




3. Make a Handkerchief For a Parent or Grandparent


This is such a sweet idea. Everyone we know cries at weddings, parents especially. If you take some of your leftover fabric and use it to make a handkerchief for someone special, give it to them on your special day to make them feel included and let them know that you’re thinking about them.




4. Pocket Square for Groom


Giving a groom a pocket square made from your dress allows for you to give him a sneak peak of your dress, without him knowing anything about it. It is also a special gift that you can give him on the day of the wedding that he can save and bring out for anniversaries or put into a shadow box of things from your wedding day!




5. Make Your Garter


Having a garter made from your dress scraps allows for you to not only make sure it matches the dress, but also that it is a comfortable size. A lot of the garters out there are one size fits all and can be tighter or looser on different brides. By making one, you ensure that it fits perfectly!




6. Make a Necklace


Make a necklace, bracelet, or earrings! By making jewelry out of your wedding dress scraps you have a special way of carrying that dress you love with you every day, or save it as something special to wear on date nights and anniversaries. You can also pass it on as the “something old” when your children get married!


7. Make Lingerie



Why not let your wedding day match your wedding night? Using the scraps from your dress to make lingerie is a fun way to make sure that all the fabric from your dress is used and you can keep the surprises going!




8. Make a Teddy Bear


Making a memory bear is such a special way to find use for those left over pieces of fabric. This is something that you can keep in a memory box, put in a special place in your home, or even save for your children one day.



Let’s face it, you spend a lot of money on your wedding dress, why not find ways to use the leftover pieces to make some special keepsakes?!