2019 Pantone Color of the Year

2019 Pantone Color of the Year

2019 Pantone Color of the Year. Mobile Image

Jan 23, 2019

With the new year comes new trends, new ideas and a new Pantone Color of the Year, which means new wedding inspiration! And this year's color is Living Coral. According to Pantone’s website, Living Coral is a vibrant, yet mellow hue that embraces us with warmth. They also mention this shade is a “reaction to the onslaught of digital technology and social media increasingly embedding into daily life." This is so aligned with what we see in the modern wedding scene everyday, where brides find their wedding vendors on social media, Facetiming in relatives while wedding dress shopping, and the use of wedding hashtags.

Choosing wedding colors comes down to your personal style, which will coordinating with your selected theme. As you keep scrolling, watch how Pantone’s Living Coral morphs to each wedding day vibe. We can’t wait to see how you use this inspo to make your day uniquely yours in 2019.

Timeless Romantic

The intensity of Living Coral softens when paired with lighter hues from the same family for a timeless romantic look. This monochromatic wedding theme creates a dreamy look, while still adding a pop of color! If it’s still feels too loud, try muting it down even further with more whites and metallics, either way your day will look like a modern-day fairytale.


Bohemian Tropical

Living Coral was born for the bohemian tropical theme, with it's warm undertone and organic, energizing quality. Look how it just pops against the complementary jungle greens. Plus, pairing it with palms and ferns is a much welcomed update from the eucalyptus greenery trend. This wedding theme is full of unexpected texture, unifying details, and lots of natural elements.


Retro Eclectic 

Retro Eclectic would make the perfect wedding theme for the bride that's super into thrifting or honestly, just can't get enough of all the vintage details! Paired with other rich, vibrant shades, Living Coral isn’t as front and center in this color scheme. These quirky hues and unique, found objects will add an extra level of your personal touch to you and your fiancé special day.


Modern Bold

When paired with shades of red, orange and yellow, Living Coral is creates a modern bold aesthetic. Together these energetic colors really make a statement, setting the day up for a lively atmosphere. And we love any wedding theme that works in your favor to create the vibe you want.


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