Bridal Show Hacks

Bridal Show Hacks

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Dec 31, 2019

Going to a bridal show is a great idea! You get amazing deals on services and purchases (like Brilliant Bridal’s 25% your whole purchase when you book an appointment at any bridal show), and even if you aren’t interested in purchasing anything, you’ll get loads of inspiration. Here are some tips from our stylists who work bridal shows. 🙌

Plan and Prioritize 

Bridal shows can be extremely busy, so plan ahead. Brainstorm what your priorities are beforehand, and try to plan your route to include those in the beginning. Maps, most of the time, can be found at the entrance of the venue or online, and will help you quickly find the booths you want to visit first. Wedding planners and photographers get snatched up quickly, so b-lining for those booths right away can improve your chances of getting a slot.


Having some sticker labels made with the information almost every booth will ask for is a HUGE timesaver. Writing your name, phone number, email and wedding date for all these vendors gets a little exhausting. With labels, you just stick them on the handout card and your onto the next! ✔️


Don't Bring the Whole Wedding Party

Planning your wedding is such an exciting time, and of course you want your bride tribe with you through all of it! Something to remember about bridal show, it’s packed, it’s loud, and it’s hectic. Minimizing your entourage will help you stay organized and give all your attention to the task at hand, getting as much information as possible. Bringing mom or a couple friends is helpful, but a pre-bachelorette party might not be the best idea while at a bridal show. 👯‍♀️

Dress Comfortably - Bring a Big Bag! 

There is a lot of walking to be done at a bridal show, and you’ll want to be prepared. Wearing comfortable shoes can be a life saver! The companies and booths at bridal shows will be handing you a lot of little give-aways as well, so bigger bags really come in handy. 


Strategic Appointment Scheduling 

No matter how far away your wedding may be, it’s not too early to be exploring your options and educating yourself. At a bridal show you’ll be setting a lot of appointments, so an organized approach might be best. Jam packing one weekend could be overwhelming, so we recommend spreading them out and setting reminders in your phone and calendar. 🗓


Go to Lunch/Dinner/Drinks Afterwards

Going to a bridal show is a whirlwind of information and ideas. After seeing the different photographers, venues, invitations, and everything else that comes with planning the wedding, grab some food afterwards to discuss and reassess your wedding plans. You can also take this time to put upcoming appointments into your calendar, ask whoever came with you about their thoughts on the new potential vendors.

Bridal shows are so much fun and we encourage any bride to visit the bridal show near you. We hope this helps. Make sure you stop by Brilliant Bridal’s booth to take advantage of our own bridal show exclusive deals! 💙