Use Your Wedding Registry to Blend Your Space

Use Your Wedding Registry to Blend Your Space. Mobile Image

Jul 11, 2018

As you prepare for your wedding, you will also be preparing for the changes to come during married life. One of which will be blending you and your fiancé's spaces, whether that means moving in together, looking for a new place, or simply revamping your current home with new furnishings. Taking on this project while planning your wedding can be tricky, but using your registry is one way to easily start the process. So here are a few tips on where to begin and what to include!



Begin With a List

You shouldn’t start adding things to your registry until you have done an inventory of what you and your fiancé already have. Start a spreadsheet of items that you already own, items that you are lacking, and appliances that you might need to upgrade. Sure, you still have that trusted microwave oven from college...but adding one to your registry gives you the chance to have a safer, more reliable product. By organizing what you already have, you may even realize there are items you’ve been holding onto that you no longer need. Doing a little spring cleaning can be cathartic, and will help you clear your clutter and your mind--relieving some stress leading up to your wedding festivities.

Show Off Your Memories

As you are planning your wedding, you’ve probably booked a videographer or photographer that is going to document your most cherished moments. After your wedding, you’ll want to display your memories for years to come, so consider asking for some quality picture frames, a digital photo display or a scrapbook set. You can keep your favorite moments close, while creating a loving environment for you and your spouse after your big day.



Consider Your Furnishings

As your relationships moves to the next level, your space should too, even if that means just
investing in some unique decor, or a new piece for your living room. One idea would be to ask your guests to pick out pieces from a decor collection like CB2 or Magnolia Home. This way you have a consistent theme in your home with trendy pieces that feel like a splurge. If you have an idea of specific art pieces or bigger furniture items that you want, you could even ask that your guests pitch in for a gift card so that you and your partner can do some shopping!



Fire Up the Grill

After you tie the knot, you might be looking for some new hobbies or ways to spend time together. Food is a great place to start, and nothing makes cooking easier and more fun than new cooking supplies! Some great kitchen staples to consider are a crockpot, cast-iron skillet, or a Kitchenaid mixer. If you are looking to experiment with some new recipes, think about asking for a subscription to a meal delivery service like Hello Fresh. Treat yourself to a few kitchen gadgets on your registry and you’ll be treated later on to some great food!

Bring Your Home Into the 21st Century

If you like gadgets and digital technology, don’t be afraid to throw a few fun and techy items on your registry. Consider items that will make life easier for you and your spouse, like self-dimming light bulbs or a robot vacuum. There are so many devices out there that are changing how we live at home, so check out this list for even more innovative ideas!

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