Our Brilliant Bride Katie | The Wright House

Our Brilliant Bride Katie | The Wright House

Our Brilliant Bride Katie | The Wright House. Mobile Image

May 11, 2020

Our brilliant bride, Katie, married the love of her life on February 1st, 2020 at The Wright House in Arizona. Her day started off with her mom, sister, and best friends all getting ready at the hotel. It was a time she cherished so much. She then went off to do a daddy-daughter first look, which was such a special moment for her and her father. Katie + Dustin decided not do a first look before the ceremony, which of course made her walking down the aisle extra special. They did however say a prayer together before the ceremony while being hidden from one another & holding hands. It was a highlight for both of them. 💛

Katie wore a gorgeous Eddy K gown. It was the very last dress she tried on and it was no doubt the winner. 🤩And, it needed very little alterations which is always a plus. Her gown complemented the outdoor garden venue perfectly. Katie said,“I was never one to envision a 'dream wedding dress' growing up, but from the moment I tried it on in store, I knew it would look absolutely beautiful with the venue we chose! It was fun (and comfy!) to wear for a whole day!” Her whole bridal look came together with the perfect dress and beauty by Canvas Collective + Seventh Avenue Beauty.

We asked Katie, as a recent bride, what advice she would have for future brides. Here is what she shared:

  • Take this advice to heart - Embrace every moment of the day leading up to the wedding. Take it all in!

  • Only look at your spouse-to-be as you walk down the aisle -- focus on them and no one else; they are all that matters!

  • And, leave your cell phone behind...don't have it on you at ALL during the day/evening. You'll enjoy your wedding so much more!

Keep scrolling for our favorite photos from Katie + Dustin’s wedding courtesy of the amazingly talented The Shepards Photography 📸 Also, continue all the way to the bottom to hear the story behind the picture of Katie’s iconic Under Armour sock moment.

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“The morning of, I forgot to change my socks for my wedding shoes (aka, boots). So, I had the tackiest socks on for the wedding…and they were photographed. A moment to always remember. Under Armour gym socks…classic".