Our Brilliant Bride Shelby | North Dakota Golf Course

Our Brilliant Bride Shelby | North Dakota Golf Course

Our Brilliant Bride Shelby | North Dakota Golf Course. Mobile Image

Mar 09, 2020

Our beautiful bride, Shelby, tied the knot with her new hubby Kasey during a sweet outdoor ceremony in the hills of North Dakota. The Links golf course provided a beautiful, open landscape overlooking bluffs and Lake Sakagaweega. Shelby’s mom even hand-cut 400 sunflowers to use for the ceremony and reception! 🌻

“My favorite part of the ceremony besides the beautiful landscape was how the white snapdragon flowers tied into the larger lace on Shelby’s dress” - Chelsy Weisz. We couldn’t agree more! Shelby wore a stunning Mon Cheri gown that features large lace detailing and a stunning illusion back.

Keep scrolling for our favorite photos from Shelby + Kasey’s wedding courtesy of the amazingly talented Chelsy Weisz 📸

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