Bride and Groom Packing Guide for The Ultimate Destination Wedding

Bride and Groom Packing Guide for The Ultimate Destination Wedding. Mobile Image

Dec 13, 2019

The holiday season is here and whether your destination wedding is ringing in the holiday season or if you're preparing for the memorable day next year, you will have to remember to pack everything you need. There’s no secret that a lot of organization comes with a destination wedding, and it can be easy to forget even the simplest things. 

Follow our packing guide to make sure that you have all the essentials to enjoy your special trip! 



For the Bride

There is no doubt that your wedding day is one of, if not, the most important day of your life. Considering it’s a day all about you, where you get to look your most beautiful and be surrounded by family and friends, you’ll want to make sure your packing game is perfect. The first item you should pack is arguably the most important, your wedding dress. The best way to pack this is in a vacuum-sealed back, this way you can ensure nothing will get on it and limit wrinkling. Plus, doing it this way makes for easy transport and fits in almost any suitcase. 

The next thing to pack is your day-of necessities, including shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. Make sure to be selective in what you bring, as you don’t want to find yourself overpacking with items you won’t wear and that can fill up space in your suitcase. Instead, plan each day of your destination wedding trip and figure out what you’ll actually use.

No wedding look is complete without makeup and perfume, and even if you don’t hire a makeup artist to perfect your wedding look, you’re still going to want to pack your favorite makeup and beauty items. A great resource to accompany you is a small makeup bag that you can stow away all your products in.




For the Groom

Packing for a wedding can be really tricky for any man, and it’s easy to forget something crucial for the big day. You’re going to want to make sure you have everything you need to look and feel your best. Just like the bride, the first thing you should pack is your wedding attire. Packing your tuxedo should be done carefully to avoid wrinkling and ensure minimal effort will be required when it comes to getting dressed the day of. Carefully fold your tux or invest in a long garment bag to house it while traveling.

The next things you should pack are your grooming items. These will keep you looking fresh and clean on your big day. While it may seem impossible to forget items like a toothbrush and comb, remember to pack items like an all-in-one shaving kit and face wash to keep your skin looking glowing for those wedding photos. If you plan on shaving, do so ahead of time to prevent cutting yourself or adding irritation to your face. Other toiletry items you may want to think about are your favorite cologne and deodorant, to make sure you’ll be smelling great! 

Finally, be sure to nestle your accessories into your suitcase so you can add flair to your wedding day outfit. A groom’s outfit isn’t complete without a stylish tie and cufflinks, so make sure you find a good spot for these important extras.




For Both

Even though each person of the lucky couple has their own list of packing essentials, there are a variety of items you will both need to prioritize in order to avoid disaster. Starting with the most important item, your wedding rings. Nothing would be worse than showing up to the destination of your dreams without the official sign of marriage. Another thing to keep in mind, especially if traveling outside of the country for your ceremony, is ensuring you have your proper documents like your passport, marriage license, itinerary, vendor contracts, and vows. Even though many of these can be accessed electronically, it’s better to print these out and keep them in a folder for easy access. A few more items to consider are any extra wedding decorations that you haven’t shipped or decided on last minute, cards or gifts for each other, family, etc.

Considering many couples turn their destination wedding into the start of their honeymoon, you’ll both want to make sure you pack to accommodate that as well. If you’re going somewhere touristy, be sure to pack maps and travel guides so you get the best time out of your vacation. Plus, the essentials like sandals, sunscreen, and swimwear is never a bad idea for your tropical getaway.



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Destination weddings are meant to be filled with fun and love, so there is no need to stress about packing!