Spring Wedding DIY Projects

Spring Wedding DIY Projects

Spring Wedding DIY Projects. Mobile Image

Apr 17, 2019

Have you been roaming Pinterest, trying to find some inspiration for your wedding decor? Well, we want to remind you that you don’t always have to purchase the exact flowers, centerpieces or tablecloths that you see. There are many easy ways to create your own wedding decorations all by yourself! Not only will this cut down on costs and allow you to spend your wedding budget in other ways, but it will also allow you to get personal and make each aspect specifically what you want! ✨👩‍🎨

Your creativity, inspiration, and ideas can lead you to create the wedding of your dreams! Here are some ideas on DIY wedding decor for your special day! 🎉

Wooden Signs

Wooden signs add a cute, boho feel to any wedding celebration. These signs can direct the guests to the ceremony or even let them know what food is on the menu. There are many places where these signs can be incorporated and thankfully they only require a few materials. You will need smooth, wood pieces (they don’t all have to be the same size, shape, etc.), stencils, either paint pens or paint, and a paintbrush.

  1. Take the piece of wood and place the stencils on the wood to spell out the words you want.

  2. Trace the stencils with a pencil so you have the outline shapes of each letter.

  3.  Remove the stencil and begin to fill in the letters with either the paint pens or paint.

  4.  Let them dry and you will have amazing signs for your wedding!


Lanterns are a great way to incorporate a different kind of item into your wedding decor. Inexpensive lanterns are available to purchase at places such as Michaels and Ikea. Although you can place a candle in the lantern for a more traditional look, you can also add flowers to the inside of the lantern or any other item that matches your theme. 🌿

Suspended Flower Strings

Looking to add some more flowers to your wedding but want a new way to incorporate them? We love the look of hanging flower strings and think they are perfect for hanging around your celebrations or even an altar. 👰 All you need is some sort of string or fishing line, flowers, water, a needle, and scissors.

  1. Let your flowers hydrate in water for several hours before cutting the flowers. Hydrating the flowers properly will give them the best possible appearance.

  2. Take your ball of string, twine or cord and cut long lines from the spool.

  3. Cut the stems off of your flowers, so you just have the tops.

  4. Thread the flowers through the string, making sure they are evenly spaced out so there is some distance between them. (tip: tie a knot in the line beforehand to evenly space the flowers).

  5. Once they are all attached, you can hang them from a doorway, rod, or really anywhere! 🌸

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