What Do Your Wedding Shoes Say About You?

What Do Your Wedding Shoes Say About You?

What Do Your Wedding Shoes Say About You?. Mobile Image

Mar 06, 2019

Ever wonder what kind of bride you are? We think your shoes have a little to say about that! Whether you like sparkly heels or lacey kicks, it's important to pick a shoe that coordinates well with your dress, wedding theme, personality, and one that makes you feel your very best while strutting down the aisle! 👠Whichever you choose we’re sure you’ll look your very best on your big day - from head to toe! 😉

Read more to find out if you’re a Chic, Romantic, Cool, or Timeless bride! ↓

1. The Chic Bride

The chic bride is a one who considers her style glamorous. She likes a little bit of sass and sparkle too! ✨ Her shoes will be a neutral color, and are bound to include jeweled embellishments. The chic bride likes to keep it classic, but isn't afraid to make a statement. 



2. The Romantic Bride

The romantic bride likes to keep things sweet and elegant. 🌹 She isn't going for a sexy platform shoe; she has a dreamy style with vintage details. For her shoe selection, she prefers something unique and magical.

Romantic Shoes

3. The Cool Bride

The cool bride isn't afraid to take fashion risks on her wedding day! Her shoe selection may include over the top accents and trendy features. She may even be daring enough to bring in a dramatic pop of color! 🙌

Leather Bridal Shoes

4. The Timeless Bride

The timeless bride is feminine and wants all the wedding traditions. You may even find her wearing “something borrowed or something blue”. 💙 If she isn’t wearing blue, her shoes will feature darling lace accents or modern updates on classic styles.

Blue Shoes

So which style would you say is your wedding shoe style? Chic, romantic, cool or timeless?

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