What to Expect in Your Bridal Appointment

What to Expect in Your Bridal Appointment

What to Expect in Your Bridal Appointment. Mobile Image

Aug 14, 2019

Now that you’re prepared for your bridal shopping experience- it’s nice to know what you’re getting yourself into the moment you enter a bridal boutique.

We don’t know what happens out there, but we do know that here at Brilliant Bridal, magic happens and we want to share that magic with our brides!

Keep scrolling for what to expect in a Brilliant Bridal appointment.

Trust Your Stylist

The world of bridal is a world of its own and bridal dress shopping is nothing like walking into Target or Macy’s. You are a BRIDE. Which means you’re pretty much royalty and just like any royal, you have your own personal stylist. 👑

Trust your stylist. Yes, you are putting your bridal dress dreams into the hands of a complete stranger but we promise, we are here for you

Don’t be afraid to show your stylist photos of a favorite at another bridal boutique. Sharing this information with your stylist actually helps her help you. There’s a reason you have a favorite and there’s a reason why you left it - it’s our job to help you work through that process.

At Brilliant Bridal our stylists are not commission based and have your best interest at heart. We are lovers of all things bridal and genuinely want to help guide you in finding “the one”.  Weddings are stressful enough, so head on over and let’s have some fun!

Walking Into The World of Bridal

You have your most trusted ladies with you and you’re walking up to the bridal boutique in hopes to find your dream wedding dress. It’s okay to get all the anxious feels - it’s a big deal! That’s why we’re here to help you feel at ease and make this a memorable and exciting experience. 

When you enter Brilliant Bridal, you and your gals will be greeted by your stylist who will then escort you over to your own personal viewing area. Now that you’re here, take a deep breathe and enjoy the process. You deserve this moment!

Let’s Talk All Things Wedding!

Once you’re settled in your viewing area, before shopping - your stylist will get to know you as a bride. This is your time to gush about your big day! We want to hear it all! We work in bridal for a reason and LOVE hearing about your venue and vision. 

*If you read the previous blog “How To Prepare For The Dress Shopping Experience” we mentioned to be prepared with photo inspo and an idea of your dress budget in mind. This is why.

These two elements are key for your stylist. Having an actual visual of what you’re drawn to in a wedding dress, will paint a picture for your stylist so she can understand what you want and what to pull for you.

As far as price point goes - Brilliant Bridal ranges from $95-$3000 so knowing what range you’re comfortable with will help guide your stylist to navigate the dresses properly. Girl, we get it! Weddings cost a pretty penny, so we understand and respect budgets. 

Now, we know you didn’t come here to chat and you’re probably itching to get those wedding dresses on your body - so let’s go shop the racks! 

Next week we will be sharing the full bridal appointment process at Brilliant Bridal! No secrets and no catches - we want our brides to know what to expect and feel at ease in our store. 💙