Where You Shouldn't Sacrifice For Your Wedding

Where You Shouldn't Sacrifice For Your Wedding

Where You Shouldn't Sacrifice For Your Wedding. Mobile Image

May 20, 2020

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your entire life, so it’s only fitting that as you begin to prep and plan for your wedding, you start considering what really matters to you. From the food you’ll be eating to where your wedding will be, many important decisions must be made. So as you begin to make these difficult choices, remember these few areas where you won’t want to sacrifice for the big day.

What you look like

As a bride, all eyes will be on you for your wedding, so it’s only right to prioritize the way you look on your special day. Many different factors make up how you feel, so don’t neglect to take the time to figure out how you’ll be able to feel like the best version of yourself.

For many brides, this will include finding the perfect wedding dress. Remember that you will look back on these pictures for years to come, so don’t settle when it comes to what you’ll be wearing. Don’t rush into making a decision as this might leave you with doubts or regrets. 

Similarly, if your health goals are something you are hoping to improve before you say ‘I do’, don’t hold back on keeping yourself accountable to get where you want to be. Since this can be a longer-term commitment before your wedding, start with realistic goals and healthy habits to guarantee that you can achieve your dream look.   

Your long-term financial well-being

While your wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your entire life, brides should also consider their financial well-being beyond those 24 hours. While you deserve to have the wedding of your dreams, understand that sacrificing your long-term finances can have a lasting negative impact if you don’t plan in advance. Following sound financial principles can help keep you on track money-wise even after the big day while balancing the expenses of hosting a wedding.

As you begin to review the more costly aspects of your wedding, such as your venue or flowers, be sure to spend within your budget. Getting creative to achieve your wedding goals while remaining financially responsible will ensure that you have a great day and avoid creating new debt in your married life with your new spouse.

Another financial consideration that should be secured sooner rather than later in your new financial journey together is acquiring a life insurance policy. As you look forward to your big day, it can be easy to neglect setting up a plan to protect your loved one, but taking this proactive step early on rather than later can help lock in lower rates and provide peace of mind amidst the stressful wedding planning.

wedding wire

wedding wire

Your guest list

The people you choose to surround yourself with on your wedding day can have a major impact on your bridal experience, so prioritizing this on your to-do list and expressing how you feel in terms of your guest list is crucial. Utilize tips for making your guest list, and because you must also consider the people in your partner’s life and factor them into your plans, be sure to have an open mind and communicate both of your needs.

On top of who will be there, the number and size of your wedding is also something you don’t want to sacrifice. Whether you are planning a small, intimate wedding or looking to throw the party of the century, your guest list size plays a large part in setting the tone and vibe for your celebration. 

If you want a large wedding but worry about funds, consider other areas you can cut back on or wait a little longer to tie the knot to save money. Conversely, if you are trying to keep your wedding smaller, avoid feeling pressure to over-invite. Remember that this is you and your future spouse’s day!   

the knot

the knot

As a bride, you will have to make several decisions about your wedding, and knowing where you shouldn’t budge will only make your day even more special. From the way you look to your financial future beyond the ceremony, may your wedding day be filled with love and your bridal dreams come true!