How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bridal Appointment

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bridal Appointment

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bridal Appointment. Mobile Image

May 05, 2021

Looking for a wedding gown is not like shopping at Macy’s or Target; it’s a shopping experience different from any other! Even if you’ve gone with family or friends getting married before you, it's hard to anticipate what it will be like. We are here to help you understand the best times for appointments and how to take full advantage of your time in our stores. Whether you’ve already made an appointment, or are getting ready to, read these pieces of advice straight from Brilliant Bridal consultants themselves, and you’ll be ready to go wedding dress shopping! 




When thinking about the best time to come shop our gowns, weekends seem like the obvious choice. Weekends in our stores are fun and fast-paced! 

However, if you enjoy a slower environment with more personal space, weekdays are for you! If you and your party are available for weekday appointments, we highly recommend opting for those times. The store is often a little slower and allows for more one-on-one time with your bridal stylist and group. Because of all the appointments on weekends, dresses are likely in dressing rooms more than on the rack, but weekday appointments alleviate that. If you are a bride who likes having a little more privacy, look at scheduling an appointment during the week!





Wedding dress shopping is an experience, one that you only do once. There is a lot of pressure that brides feel, especially when everyone wants to come join in on the appointment. We encourage you to bring loved ones with you but to limit it to about three. When you have a lot of people, you have a lot of commentaries. Your wedding dress is supposed to reflect who you are, and those closest to you will be better equipped to help you choose which dress shows that. Bring a few choice friends and family members to your shopping appointment, then take advantage of our Reveal Parties. After you have found the dress, you can bring those who couldn’t make it to show them your wedding dress in-store. This gives you the best of both worlds!





Coming into an appointment with an idea of what you would like to try on gives your bridal stylist a good direction to start with. Bring pictures of what you’re excited to try, even if this is your first time trying on gowns. This will give your consultant an understanding of what your vision is. If you end up in a different dress than the pictures on your phone, that's okay! Wedding gowns are so different from any other clothing, so it‘s harder to anticipate what we will like and say “yes” to. You can find dress inspiration on our website, click the button below! 







Keep an open mind and trust that your bridal stylist has your best interest at heart. Because this is our job, we have a little more insight into which dress can bring a certain vision to life. We also understand alterations as a part of our job, and so it’s not as hard for consultants to imagine what a gown will look like after a couple visits to our trusted seamstresses. While we try our best to give you the full “look” of a dress, it’s hard to imitate what alterations can create. Remember that just about every wedding dress will need to have some basic alterations done.


When with your bridal stylist, ask any questions you have! We are here for our brides, we want to educate and assist you in any way possible. From questions about fabrics or the nearest seamstress to you, we will answer to the best of our abilities. Brilliant Bridal loves our brides are ready to accommodate them any we can. 




Booking an appointment is easy as can be with Brilliant Bridal! Use the button above or call the store near you and talk to one of our consultants. With these tips in mind, you will make the best use of your time with us. We are excited to see you in store!