Bridal Lingo: Know Before You Go

Bridal Lingo: Know Before You Go

Bridal Lingo: Know Before You Go. Mobile Image

Mar 25, 2021

Getting engaged is an exciting time for every bride. You’ve got the perfect ring, the perfect partner, and now all that is left is finding the perfect dress. If you’re like most brides, you’ve probably been thinking about how you will look on your wedding day since you were playing dress-up with your mom’s heels. 


Chances are you have the perfect picture of what your dream gown is, but you’re lacking the words to describe it. Luckily for you,  Brilliant Bridal knows how to turn your dream into a reality and take the stress out of buying the dress. By learning some of the terminologies that go into describing your gown, the process will be infinitely easier for you. So, let’s break it down: 




Finding your favorite silhouette is one of the most important aspects of finding your wedding dress. This determines the fit and the shape of your dress. Are you looking for a romantic, flowing skirt? Something more fitted and sexier? There are many different types of dresses that we carry at Brilliant Bridal: 



A sheath gown’s shape resembles a column. It falls elegantly down your body and creates a clean shape going from the top to the bottom of your body. If you’re looking for a modern, easy-to-handle dress this might be the one for you!


LOTUS THREADS Style #62266




A mermaid silhouette is much more structured and fitted compared to other wedding gowns. It is fitted throughout the bodice and thighs, but once it hits the knees it flares out in a voluminous skirt. As you can see from this beautiful Casablanca gown, it’s shaped exactly how it sounds: like a fish. This is the perfect kind of dress for a bold, sexy bride who is looking for a gown with a little bit of drama.


CASABLANCA Style #2333




Though similar to a mermaid it’s a little bit more relaxed. It is more of a straight-lined skirt that flares just below the hip rather than the knee. This dress is great for brides who want to show off their shape but are looking for something with a little bit more comfort.



EDDY K Style #SEK1191




This silhouette is fitted much more casually. With a fitted bodice and flowing skirt, this type of dress has a very romantic, and traditional shape. You can also find a-line gowns with slinky, to full skirts. 






Ball gowns are the perfect dress for brides who want to make a statement. The best way to describe a ballgown is to think of a bell shape, as this dress is tight around the bodice and then flares out at the waist. While this gown has a dropped waist, not all of these types of dresses have to.


CASABLANCA Style #2312




Another important aspect of your wedding dress is the neckline. Are you looking for something that dips low and shows off some skin? Or, are you looking for something a little bit more modest? A good way to communicate your preference to your stylist is by talking about the modesty levels that you’re comfortable with. No matter what you’re looking for, there are many different necklines to choose from. 




The sweetheart neckline creates a heart shape on the bodice. It is a very commonly used neckline that is usually found on strapless gowns.






This neckline creates a V shape on the front or back of the gown. Certainly a favorite for our modern brides, they can be shallow or plunged. Many times you’ll find that they have some mesh covering.




This minimalist neckline simply goes straight across the bodice.




If you’re looking for a romantic, timeless look this combination of neckline and sleeves is for you. It will open the neck and have fabric or sleeves that drape gracefully off-the-shoulder.





A high neckline can come in different shapes and styles, from collared, to crew-neck. If you share that you want this coverage in general, your bridal consultant can show you the different options that they have available.




Though most only think of the front of the dress, the back neckline is just as important. The most common back neckline specification is “backless”. This means that most, if not the entirety, of the back, is bare. However, a sheer back with some design along the tule coverage is also popular. 






When you think of a wedding dress, you probably think of the color white. Though that may the traditional color, don’t let it limit your wedding dress choice! Your wedding dress can be any color of the rainbow, however, the more common hues you may find are:
















Fabric is another important aspect of finding your dress. There are many types of wonderful fabrics that wedding gowns are made out of that will help create your perfect look, however, these are some that are most frequently found in boutiques:





A lightweight plain weave fabric.



 A fabric with a shiny look in the front and matte underneath.



A sheer, soft-touch woven fabric



A type of silk with a thicker, more structured weave.



A lightweight, sheer fabric that has a thicker weave and is more structured than chiffon.



A fine, airy lace that has a web-like pattern.



A handmade bobbin lace. Finer than french lace. 




Last but not least, you have to know the style that you like. Your wedding dress is the most self-expressive garment you’re ever going to buy, so details aside, you have to know how you want your dress to make you feel and if it captures the image you have of yourself on your wedding day. Showing your stylist inspirational pictures is always helpful, but also knowing the words to describe your dress is important as well. Do you want to look like a modern, sexy, clean bride? Or would you rather be a whimsical, romantic, organic feeling bride? Having these words in mind will help lead you towards your perfect gown.


Now that you have the lingo down, the fun part can begin! Let’s get shopping!