Bridal Shower Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts For Hosting

Bridal Shower Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts For Hosting

Bridal Shower Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts For Hosting. Mobile Image

Feb 29, 2024


Bridal showers can range from small, intimate affairs to grand, elaborate events. The essence of the party remains the same - giving the bride gifts that are likely to prove useful in the exciting new chapter of her life.


Bridal showers have an interesting origin story. The father of a high-society girl was opposed to her getting married to the miller’s son, whom she loved. In a bid to prevent her from going ahead with the marriage, the father threatened to withhold the dowry. When close friends of the girl became aware of the matter, they brought her gifts that would help her begin her new life comfortably. In the end, the father agreed to the marriage, and the sweet gesture of the friends became a tradition. The ‘shower’ part of the name likely originated in the US in the late Victorian era; friends of the bride-to-be would quite literally shower her with small gifts using a paper parasol.


Who Hosts a Bridal Shower?

Typically, the maid of honor hosts a bridal shower with the help of the bridesmaids. These days, it’s also normal for the mother or mother-in-law of the bride to host a bridal shower. In case of multiple bridal shower parties, it would be best for the hosts to communicate with each other. The hosts can arrange a bridal shower anywhere, from someone’s home or a backyard, to a hotel, a restaurant, or even one of the many venues with thematic atmospheres near you.


Here are some dos and don’ts for hosting a memorable and fun bridal shower:




  • Take into consideration the likes and dislikes of the bride


This is the most obvious and easy one, yet it is the reason why many bridal showers turn out to be disasters or do not go as expected. This point applies to everything, from the guest list to the food preferences, and from the games to the playlist. If the bride is not comfortable with opening the presents in front of everyone, make sure that she does not feel pressured to do so.


  • Choose a unique theme


Selecting a unique theme will require some brainstorming. The more original and distinct the theme, the more memorable the bridal shower is likely to be. The theme will influence the decor, the food, and even the favors. If you’re in need of some inspiration, take a look at some impressive celebrity bridal showers here


  • Plan some enjoyable activities


You don’t want the guests or the bride to get bored. Keep everyone engaged in the celebration and avoid boredom by making the preparations necessary for a few fun and interesting activities or games. If some of the guests are not acquainted with each other, these activities can serve as icebreakers. The activities/games should also not take up too much time, or be such that the elderly feel left out. Pick short activities or games that everyone can enjoy. 




  • Don’t pick a date too close to the wedding


The chosen date for a bridal shower should ideally be a couple of weeks or months before the wedding. You don’t want the bridal shower to interfere with any other plans the bride may have before her wedding. Additionally, you need to confirm if the most important friends and family members are available on the selected date. If not, you’ll need to adjust accordingly. 


  • Don’t forget the difference between the bridal shower and the bachelorette party


Bridal showers are usually daytime events, while bachelorette parties take place at night. The guest list for both events should also be a little different. Save the sexy lingerie and other rather risque gifts for the bachelorette party, to save the bride and her family members from feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. 


  • Don’t invite someone who is not invited to the wedding


Inviting someone who is not going to be on the actual wedding guest list can quickly turn awkward. If need be, confirm with the bride if a particular friend is going to be present at the wedding. Make sure to invite all the ladies whom the bride cherishes dearly to the bridal shower. 



Wrapping Up


This simple list of dos and don’ts should help you steer clear of bridal shower faux pas and host a mindblowing and tough-to-match party. Use your creativity, and maybe draw some inspiration from Pinterest boards. The most important thing is to prepare with care keeping the preferences of the bride in mind. Following the proper etiquette can help ensure that everyone has a great time at the pre-nuptial celebration.