Bustle Up!

Bustle Up!

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Aug 22, 2022

Let's talk about that gorgeous train of yours! One gorgeous feature of most wedding dresses is the train. It can be long and elegant, maybe it’s a little shorter but still dreamy and breathtaking. But what happens when you go dancing the night away with your new spouse? How do you get the train out of your way so no one is stepping on your dress and you're not tripping anyone? 


The first thing to know is that there are different types of bustles! And really it is just up to you and your preference! 


The French Bustle


The French bustle is a classic choice when we are talking about bridal bustles. Now, a good french bustle will showcase how beautifully the fabric of the dress can drape and is just a classic and elegant look. Now, some of the more structured fabrics don’t lend themselves to this style of bustle like others do. It’s also a little bit trickier as part of the fabric tucks under the skirt of the dress.


french bustle


The American/Point to Point Bustle


The American, or point-to-point bustle is one of the simplest bustles. There are invisible loops and buttons on the train so it pins up and over the skirt of the dress. This one your bridesmaids will thank you for because it is one of the easiest bustles.





The Hand Bustle


This is a rare bustle. The seamstress will add a loop near the end of the train so that you can carry your train on your wrist or finger. This one does have some limitations. If you have a shorter train, this might not work. As the night goes on, carrying your train can feel a little heavy. But it looks nice and elegant!



The Ballroom Bustle


This is the bustle that is perfect for the girls that don’t like a regular bustle. There are multiple points that go under the dress. To make the dress look like all the same length all the way around the dress without the assumption that there was ever a train or a need to bustle!




No matter what you choose, bustles are fun and can look just as gorgeous as the rest of your dress!