Painting Love in Hues: Non-White Wedding Gowns that Redefine Tradition

Painting Love in Hues: Non-White Wedding Gowns that Redefine Tradition

Painting Love in Hues: Non-White Wedding Gowns that Redefine Tradition. Mobile Image

Sep 07, 2023

The traditional “white dress” is undoubtedly a classic staple of the wedding world; however, wearing one on your big day is most definitely optional. Your wedding dress should express your personality and make you feel the most confident and beautiful that you ever have - in many cases, a white dress just doesn’t make the cut. So, why choose a gown that is a color other than white? Because your journey is a symphony of colors, and your wedding dress should be the opening note that sets the tone for the harmony of your shared life ahead. In this blog, you’ll find a variety of extraordinary, non-white gowns and what makes them the perfect inspiration for your wedding. 


Vivid Blooms:

If you’d like your wedding look to have a bespoke and vibrant flare, a gown with colorful floral details might be the perfect twist on the traditional that you’ve been dreaming of. The artful feel of these gowns can’t help but catch your eye! Designers have begun enlivening some of their newest pieces with vivid flowery features that are embroidered, printed, and sometimes even hand-painted. These botanical accents are a true testament to the union of creativity and craftsmanship, transforming your wedding attire into an embodiment of nature's most exquisite poetry.

“Willa” by Savin London

“Tango” by Ines Di Santo

“Barrington” by Monique L’huillier


Bold in Black:

Break the mold and dare to be edgy in a powerful black wedding gown. Wearing a black wedding dress is an unconventional yet impactful choice for a bride seeking to break away from traditional norms. This look allows you to express your individuality and personal style in a way that is both daring and memorable. After all, the color of a gown doesn’t make you any less of a beautiful bride; so, embrace this statement of self-assuredness and have the most authentic celebration of your love story.

“Aspen” by Sottero and Midgley

“Raven” by Sophia Tolli

“2431” by Morilee 


Golden Glow:

You’ll be opting for opulence on your wedding day by choosing a wedding gown with gold tones! Whether the dress has hints of golden embroidery or beadwork or is simply glowing gold in its entirety; this color is the perfect touch of regality. Not to mention, the warm and brilliant tones of gold harmoniously complement a range of skin tones that will always enhance a bride’s natural beauty. A gold-colored gown will effortlessly match an array of wedding themes, from classic and vintage to modern and extravagant. Going for a gold gown will truly encapsulate the richness of your special and momentous day!

“Centaurea” by Carol Hannah

“Dawn Amber” by Rue De Seine

“Narcisseae” by Carol Hannah


Be Your “Something Blue”:

Blue is a color often associated with tranquility, depth, and loyalty. Choosing a blue dress can symbolize the calm and steadfast nature of your commitment to your partner, creating a meaningful connection between your attire and the vows you're exchanging. A gown of this hue can be breathtaking in its beauty as well as capture the essence of romance while standing out as a refreshing and memorable choice. Against lush greenery, white florals, or even against the backdrop of the sky and sea, a blue dress can create stunning visual contrasts and captivating photographs. You simply can’t go wrong by gracing the aisle with a lovely blue wedding dress. 

“Effie Blue” by Randy Fenoli

“Eloise” by Claire Pettibone

“Stillwater” by Tara La Tour


Pretty In…Purple:

Picture yourself walking down the aisle, adorned in a wedding dress that exudes a sense of whimsy, romance, and individuality. Lavender, with its delicate yet vibrant hue, carries an air of mystique that captivates the eye and stirs the heart. This choice isn't just about a departure from the traditional; it's a declaration of self-expression and uniqueness. A lavender wedding dress tells a story of daring to dream differently, embracing a hue that symbolizes creativity and imagination. Whether it's a soft pastel lavender or a rich regal purple, this color palette lends itself gracefully to a variety of wedding settings, like serene garden affairs or opulent ballrooms. With each step, you're not just a bride; you're a living embodiment of your love story painted in hues that resonate deeply. 

“6600” by Hayley Paige

“Priya” by Rue De Seine

“Vivian” by Elizabeth Dye 



As you stand at the threshold of forever, remember that the choice of your wedding gown is simply a brushstroke on the canvas of your journey. The allure of a traditional white dress is undeniable, but your wedding is an opportunity to reflect the significance of your story and your soul. So, step into the spotlight with a gown that radiates the colors of your heart. Whether it's the captivating vivid blooms that embrace your vivacity, the boldness of a black gown that speaks of your fearless spirit, the opulent gold tones that echo your regal love, the serene blue that mirrors your depth and loyalty, or the enchanting lavender that whispers of your creativity and uniqueness – your choice is a testament to your individuality and the depth of your commitment. So, walk confidently, for you are not just adorned in fabric; you are draped in the hues of love that make your journey extraordinary.

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