Finding Your Ceremony Sound: Four of the Most Popular Wedding Music Genres

Finding Your Ceremony Sound: Four of the Most Popular Wedding Music Genres

Music is key to enhancing the atmosphere of your wedding day. This component can end up neglected by many during the frenzied lead up to tying the knot. We tend to want to pass the responsibility of song selection – usually to a wedding DJ, in the hope that they’ll come with a ready-made, fit-for-purpose playlist.


However, just like all the other elements of your big day, your wedding music deserves a sentimental touch. After all, this is a personalized way to tell the story of your love with your partner – so you’ll need to play more than just the big hits that will get your guests up and dancing.


Let’s take a look at some of the most popular wedding music genres that you may want to consider for your wedding day.



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Opting for classical music can be a wonderful way to inspire a tranquil mood for your wedding. Couples often choose to have classical music playing as the bride makes her ceremony entrance. Or, to add an air of elegance to the affair, they may choose to make use of it in the background of the cocktail hour or wedding breakfast.


Although these are wonderful ways to incorporate classical music into your wedding, the genre doesn’t always have to be reserved for background music. Captivate your guests by hiring a pianist or harpist to elevate entertainment value.





With its many upbeat and dynamic melodies, jazz is the perfect genre of music to add a little warmth and energy to your wedding party. Usually, couples who favor this genre will opt to hire a band for their fun, improvisational performances that get everybody up on the dance floor.


Consider asking your jazz band if they can make their performance interactive. You may find that they’re partial to dancing on a table or two with your wedding guests – making for plenty of laughs, and lots of entertaining wedding photos!



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We tend to associate all things soft and gentle with weddings, from the pastel flower displays and delicate table decor to the white gown. The truth is, a traditional, tame wedding isn’t true to every couple’s tastes – and for some, the addition of rock music to the reception is the perfect way to make their celebration feel just that little bit more authentic.


Rock music is great for individualistic couples, or those who just want to have their guests get loud and loose at the end of the day. When it comes to this genre, it’s best to avoid any planning or choreography – after all, rock music is best enjoyed wildly and rebelliously.





Country music is known for its wholesome and charming storytelling. In fact, if you’re a fan, you’ll probably already know a country song or two that describes your romantic experience with your partner. 


This genre can be both uplifting and moving, making it the perfect choice for a sentimental first dance song or a father-daughter dance, as well as any other special moments throughout your wedding day.


Don't be afraid to mix it up!

Although they all vary widely in style, these top four music genres all have one thing in common, and that is the ability to make your wedding day memorable and extraordinary. Don’t forget, you should never feel pressured to limit your wedding music to just one genre – after all, on your special day, it’s most important that the wedding music is enjoyed by you and your partner, as the happy couple uniting in marriage.


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