Forget Me Not! 5 Unexpected Wedding Costs

Forget Me Not! 5 Unexpected Wedding Costs

Forget Me Not! 5 Unexpected Wedding Costs. Mobile Image
When it comes to planning the big wedding day, there are so many things to remember. From the venue to the gown, to the invitations, it may be hard to stay organized. As you cross things off of your budget checklist, it is so easy to forget the little things, and these “little things” can sometimes be costly mistakes that may result in more challenges later on. As newlyweds who may hope to save for large investments in the future like buying a home, overspending on your wedding can put you in debt. This can directly impact your credit score to buy a house among other financial details, and that is the last thing you need as you and your partner start a new life together and save for future goals. To make sure you have all your bases covered, here is a list of unexpected wedding costs to account for when planning your budget.



When budgeting for a wedding, you may remember to list the general cost of the gown, but forget to account for the cost of alterations. Alterations are anything from hemming the gown, taking the dress in/out, steaming, or structural changes. Unless you get extremely lucky, most brides will need an adjustment or two. Keep this in mind when choosing a wedding dress, and cut costs by buying your dress off the rack like here at Brilliant Bridal. Off-the-rack gowns will offer you a bigger budget for alterations, while still allowing you to look fabulous!



Postage, although random, has earned its well-deserved spot on this list. Some may argue that invitations are the most important aspect of your wedding because, without invites, there are no guests! Wedding invitations that weigh more than one ounce will need additional postage. This is also the case for uniquely shaped or oversized invitations, regardless of the weight. Stamps are needed for all notes including thank yous, RSVP cards, and save-the-dates.



Oftentimes, things like sales tax and service charges can easily sneak up on you, especially if they are not included in your initial contracts. These charges may seem small, but they can quickly add up depending on the size of the bill. It is important to truly read through the whole contract to ensure that sales tax is included in the quoted price, otherwise, the final bill may include charges you failed to account for.



Gratuity charges are different from sales tax and service fees. A good rule of thumb is to allot about 5 to 10 percent of your overall budget to gratuities. Gratuity amounts differ for the type of service performed. For example, beauty vendors require a percentage of the total balance, whereas delivery and service staff just require a flat rate. Some gratuity charges are often included in your general quote, so be sure to check to not overcharge yourself.



This one may seem obvious, but you would be surprised to know how many couples forget to budget their marriage license! The cost for the marriage license varies by state, and you may also have to pay for a copy once the license has been filed. This cost is completely necessary, as it is the paper that represents the marriage and makes it legal!
While planning a wedding can be both an overwhelming and stressful process, one day you’ll look back at this period in your life and realize that it was all worth it. Taking the time to account for common, forgotten expenses will set your budget up for success. Above all else, reviewing the items mentioned on this list may grant peace of mind, and alleviate even more stress from piling up in the future.