Ranking Wicked Wedding Dresses

Ranking Wicked Wedding Dresses

Ranking Wicked Wedding Dresses. Mobile Image

Oct 12, 2021

Spooky season is upon us, and what is more fun than taking a look at popular Halloween/horror movie wedding dresses? Nothing... okay, maybe going to the pumpkin patch with the girls. But this is fun too!


1. Corpse Bride 7/10


We wanted to start off strong with this one. The traditional strapless, sweetheart neckline is stunning, the slit is giving us legs for DAYS, and the overall fit is gorgeous. We’re not a big fan of the detailing on the ribcage, it makes the dress look unmaintained. The veil is giving us a... wild look. We would have gone for something a little more… refined. But overall we give Emily’s gown a 7/10.




2. Ready or Not 10/10


This bride had not one, but two looks in this dress, giving us an amazing day to night transition. We are loving the illusion turtle neck bodice paired with the exposed sweetheart neckline and boning. Giving us classy and traditional with a touch of sexy. Ready or Not, here comes the bride looking like a 10/10!



3. Bride of Frankenstein 2/10


We love the cape moment this dress is giving us. That feature was definitely ahead if it’s time. But the rest of this gown isn’t giving us much. We wish that the draping was different, this one just looks like a pile of fabric.



4. Bride of Chucky 8/10


The definition of *Add a little spice*. The lace bodice, satin skirt, traditional looking gown paired with the high slit, leather jacket, combat boots, and black tights create an entirely unique and edgy look. Tiffany definitely rocked this look. We just wish we could see it more, making it an 8/10.



5. Melancholia 8/10


Again, we love the transitional day to night look. The soft, tiered, tulle skirt is stunning. The sleeves that she can remove are a little too big for her. They feel overwhelming. The top of this gown looks ill-fitting, almost too loose. We wish it would fit better. Overall, a good dress! 8/10




Overall, these fictional brides had some fun in these dresses! And no matter how toxic, dangerous, and potentially deadly the relationship and wedding, they looked amazing. What were some of your favorites? Did we miss it?