4 Ways to Ensure a Socially Distant Wedding

4 Ways to Ensure a Socially Distant Wedding

4 Ways to Ensure a Socially Distant Wedding. Mobile Image

Jul 28, 2020

There’s no doubt this year has been quite unpredictable, especially for engaged couples looking to tie the knot and cement their love. COVID-19 has drastically changed wedding planning and the safety precautions that go along with executing a memorable, yet safe wedding ceremony. These extra (yet necessary) needed steps can easily cause you a headache as you navigate how to be as cautious, yet as celebratory as possible. Below are some of our best ways to ensure a socially distant wedding without losing the magic.



Fewer Guests, More Intimacy


Since mass gatherings are still less than favorable in today’s climate, smaller and more intimate weddings are quickly becoming the new normal. Although this can be a tough realization to come to for many couples, being more selective about your guest list is certainly a great option to keep everyone safe. While this seems like a harsh task to take on, especially for the guests that were expecting to come or at least receive an invite, they should be more understanding of the reasoning for this and the sign of the times.


Fewer guests isn’t necessarily a negative step to take either and can actually make your wedding a little more special, if you choose the right people to attend. Capping off your guest list at a certain number with the appropriate people can help keep the emotion and feelings of the day intact. Controlling a set number of RSVPs can help you better tailor to the needs of your guests and improve your attention to details and the individual connection with each person who’s sharing the moment with you.


Small wedding


Rise of Outdoor Venues


Especially during the summer months, outdoor wedding venues are not only quite beautiful, but also quite perfect during the current pandemic. Being able to relocate your guests outside at a venue, the beach, or even a backyard, allowing the fresh air to be part of the equation will make it a little easier to be safe and to ensure a socially distant wedding.


In cases like this, style choices like spaced out seating or having the chairs fanned out, will give you and the planners more flexibility to practice smart distancing guidelines while also having creative control. If you are hiring an outdoor venue to host your wedding, be sure to cooperate with them too, as they’ll likely have their own sets of rules as well.


Contactless is the Future


Contactless interactions are becoming the standard in everyday life. And it’s especially true when it comes to planning events. First and foremost, for the purpose of safety and sanity, you should plan your food and drink situation at your wedding well ahead of your big day. Rather than going with the traditional buffet-style meal, you should increase emphasis on plated meals. One benefit of meal planning this way is having peace of mind knowing your guests are safe and can avoid having too many people reaching their hands in common food spaces at once.


Another idea to consider when it comes to contactless interaction is having items delivered to your wedding venue, in a contact-free way. You will ultimately be taking out the middleman. For example, alcohol delivery services provide a perfect contactless solution to keep your bar stocked with drinks and other cocktail or non-alcoholic essentials. Other delivery services are available as well! Your flower and decor vendors can save you a trip to the store by dropping off your goods at the venue. Taking this cautious approach is always a preferred choice.


Virtual is Your Friend


From virtual work from home to virtual birthday parties, streaming technology is popping up everywhere, including virtual weddings. Who knew these would be starting to become just as commonplace! Particularly for those who aren’t able to make it to the ceremony in-person, being able to experience the magic via their laptop or mobile device is still a great way to make your guests feel like they are included in on the day. If you’re thinking about doing something like this to ensure a socially distant wedding there are few options you can take.


One option: ask the photographer if they offer any live stream services to see if it’s an option. Nowadays, many photography and wedding tech companies are beginning to offer services like this to extend reach. If not, and you want to take it into your own hands, you can set up your own streams on all kinds of sites from Facebook to YouTube. There are so many great streaming options at your fingertips to choose from!


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As you prepare for your socially distant wedding, it’s important to remember to enjoy the day despite the circumstances. Remember that this is meant to be one of the most memorable moments of your life, so it’s important to breathe, relax and live in the moment.