Three simple ways to personalize your engagement

Three simple ways to personalize your engagement

Three simple ways to personalize your engagement. Mobile Image

Nov 29, 2021

There is a seemingly endless list of things to think about when it comes to asking the all-important question. What ring should I buy? How am I going to do it? Will they say yes? Whilst we can’t provide any guarantees about the latter, we can offer some inspiration to ensure you pull off a dreamy proposal neither of you will ever forget.


In the modern day, many couples are ripping up the rulebook and deciding to do away with some of the more outdated traditions. This allows them to dream up creative ways to create a magical proposal that’s unique to them. But where do you start when it comes to devising your one-of-a-kind engagement? Here are three simple ways you can personalize your very own proposal.




Behind picking the perfect piece of jewelry to gift your other half, finding the right location to pop the question is the most important task of the proposal process. Not only is it crucial to find somewhere you will both feel comfortable, it is also a chance to show off your personality and personalize the experience.


As romantic as the most popular proposal spots across America are, a city, area or specific spot that is meaningful to you two can make for an even more memorable moment. Consider places like where you had your first date, or perhaps you and your partner's hometown or favourite sports team’s city. Taking the time to choose a location that is significant to you both is a great way to demonstrate your commitment and love.


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It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but using props from a favourite hobby or passion you both share can make for a fun and unique proposal. Allow your imagination to run wild. Perhaps you can both dress up as your favourite movie character, or why not place the ring in a box inspired by their favourite holiday destination?


If props aren’t your thing, but you still want to include a more personal element to the proposal, why not enlist the help of a pet? Dogs can be particularly helpful in creating special moments – why not tie the ring to a ribbon hanging loosely from their neck? Alternatively, even having your pets or props involved in the photoshoot afterwards can provide some really personal moments you’ll cherish forever.


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The ring


One of the most authentic ways to personalize your proposal is by creating a unique engagement ring. It is possible to customize your engagement ring in a number of different ways. It could be something as simple as picking out the perfect metal and diamond combination to suit your partner’s style, or changing the type of central stone completely.


You should also take into account the kind of lifestyle your partner leads and personalize the ring’s setting accordingly. For instance, a bezel setting will be more appropriate for someone with an active lifestyle. This particular setting offers more protection to the central stone, meaning it will better retain its aesthetic value.


On an even more personal level, you could look to include birthstones or even engrave a message on the ring itself as another symbol of your love. Be sure to check with your jewelers to see what sort of customization they can offer.


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