Trending Towards The Wedding

Trending Towards The Wedding

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Aug 02, 2021

Just like how seasons are always changing, so are trends. And while the bridal world clings to classics, there are always new trends popping up in the wedding arena. Today, we want to share a few we are seeing now, and even some we expect to see here very soon.


1. Microweddings


If a COVID world has taught us anything, its that people are still falling in love and wanting to get married. The catch is, some people are realising that they don’t want to have big weddings or that they now have the perfect excuse to not invite their mom’s aunt's neighbors bestfriends niece or whoever that somehow keeps popping up on the guestlist. These brides and grooms are keeping their guest lists closed and only keeping close family and friends for a more intimate celebration.



2. Dried Flowers


This isn’t something that we have seen too much of yet, but we expect that we will. No, it doesn’t sound like the most bridal or wedding feeling, but it looks a lot better than it sounds. And, using dried flowers ensures that your bouquet and boutonniere won’t die or take a lengthy preservation process if you want to keep them afterwards. You can put them in a shadow box and let them be. 



3. Wedding “Celebrations"


Looking towards 2022, we’ve met with so many couples who eloped during COVID that are shaking in anticipation for when they can have their big celebrations. Hopefully moving into the future this can happen seamlessly!


4. Bows


Thank you Arianna Grande for bringing this iconic Audrey Hepburn look and wedding touch. This is something we expect to see more of in the future and we can not be more excited about that. If you can’t tell, we’re team bow.



5. Pearls


We love pearls. Pearl beading, pearl veils, pearl rings, necklaces, all of it. It is so graceful and reminiscent of a classic and romantic look. It is also an easy heirloom piece that is able to be passed down from generation to generation.



6. Square Necklines


A classic chic style we see breaking through dress trends is a square neckline. This is a gorgeous and elegant detail that looks good on every body type. Honestly we can’t say enough about this look, we love it.



7. High Slits


Let's show off some leg this wedding season. Weather your getting married on a 

beach, in the forest, or in a grand venue a slit is a sexy addition to any wedding gown. 

It will allow for more movement for everyone to get down and have a good time. 


8. Greenery


This is a trend that is going to pass the test of time. This is such an earthy and romantic look for a wedding. And we are here for it.


9.  Let Them Eat (Anything But) Cake


Literally anything. People are ditching the idea of having massive wedding cakes that half get thrown out at the end of the night. People are instead opting for cookies, cupcakes, donuts, personal cakes, bundt cakes, you name it and people are doing it. Some are even opting for a sweets bar so guests can make their own choice.



10.  Ditching Tradition


More and more lately people are ditching some older traditions. People are walking themselves down the aisle, the garter and bouquet toss isn’t taking place, or some couples are even eloping in exotic places. 


Trends come and go, but honestly don’t stress about it. Your wedding is about you and your relationship, so do what you want! Stick to today's trends, get ahead, come up with new ideas, or keep a classic style. Whatever makes you happy is what you should do, but we hope this helps!