Unpopular Wedding Opinions

Unpopular Wedding Opinions

Unpopular Wedding Opinions. Mobile Image

Oct 26, 2021

There are classic traditions that everyone knows and that we have come to expect to see at every wedding. But they aren’t as well loved as we think. We’ve heard from our brides, or stylists, and everyone in between about traditions that guests expect that they are doing away with. That being said, if you love these ideas, do them! But if you agree with these opinions, make the cuts!


1. The Garter/Bouquet Toss


This is probably the most popular thing we hear. Brides are uncomfortable with the idea of their new spouse taking their garter off with their teeth in front of their whole family. On the flip side, brides are wanting more and more to preserve their wedding bouquet by drying it out and putting it in a shadow box or even putting it in epoxy. 


2. Father Daughter/Mother Son Dance


This also goes hand and hand with the “dollar dance” where people give a dollar to dance with the bride or groom. Now don’t get us wrong, we love a good Father Daughter/Mother Son moment, but some of our stylists and even brides have decided to forgo this wedding tradition. Their wedding day is about them, and they want to spend the reception bringing in their new marriage and soaking in the moments where they can be the mushy, obnoxious couple while they can with the best excuse.

3. Being “Given Away”


Brides are skipping this one for a few reasons. A) They want their moment to be their moment. B) If someone is getting married, they are a grown adult and don’t need to be given away. Or C) They don’t have someone they want to walk them down the aisle and give them away.



4. The “Something borrowed…” Poem

There are so many things to have put together for a wedding. Many brides have chosen to opt out of finding something borrowed, blue, new, old, and a penny for their shoe. 

5. The “White White” Wedding Dress


The idea of that pure white, almost blue, looking wedding dress is to symbolize the “purity” of the bride. More and more today, brides are opting for a variation of ivory, blush, champagne, nude, even black. Your wedding gown is the most self expressive thing you’ll ever wear, so wear what makes you feel like you!

6. Giving out Jordan Almonds


The #1 wasted thing at weddings. Hands down. These candied almonds are almost always left behind at the venue, or to be melted in someone’s car. As cute and classic they might be, they end up being a waste. 


7. Matching Bridesmaids Dresses


More and more, we see bridesmaids in the same color, but different styles. This ensures that every bridesmaid is looking their best and feeling comfortable in their dress. This is a great idea especially when you have a range of body types in your bridal party.


8. The Rice Toss


We think this trend might have already left the chat. The rice toss is dangerous, especially because it can be deadly to birds. And it's uncomfortable for the couple, the rice is hard and can be pointy and could end up in an eye, ouch. We are now seeing sparkler, confetti, and glitter send offs.

9. Everyone Giving Speeches


At most weddings we see the microphone being passed around and everyone and their cousin giving a speech to the happy couple. For some people, this can be fun. For others, it's our worst nightmare. It’s just the best man and maid of honor and then the mic is given back to the DJ or Band. 

10. Walking Down the Aisle to the Wedding March


While this is classic and traditional, we see couples picking a song that has more of a meaning to them and their relationship. This is such a sweet moment. We have also seen it where they play the instrumental version of a song to walk down the aisle and the full version for their first dance. 



Overall, whether you love or hate these trends, you can choose what you do for your wedding. No matter what you do, weddings are fun! What feels right? Do that.