Beautiful Gifts For Your Wedding Party

Beautiful Gifts For Your Wedding Party

Beautiful Gifts For Your Wedding Party. Mobile Image

May 01, 2023

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life for more reasons than can be counted. Of course, you get to marry the love of your life and declare your devotion to each other in front of a group of your closest friends and family, but you also have all of the most special people in your life in one room for possibly the only time ever—and they are typically all in your wedding party.


Showing your gratitude for your wedding party is traditionally done with a small gift for each person. While well-meaning, these gifts are historically not entirely practical or attractive for everyday use (looking at you, shot glasses etched with “Brad & Katie, 12-3-06”). Finding classy and attractive gifts for your wedding party is as easy as reading the rest of this article.



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Giving wedding jewelry gifts to your wedding party is something thoughtful, long-lasting, and practical. If it’s tasteful jewelry, your friends can wear them for tons of occasions after your wedding and think of you each time they reach for the piece. Matching jewelry to the wedding scheme or colors is a great start, or you could do accent colors or neutral stones like pearls. Mixing and matching based on personality and style is a unique way for each of your wedding party members to feel seen and appreciated. Your minimalist sister is probably going to prefer small, understated studs, while your outgoing friend may love a pearl drop that almost touches her shoulders! Matching rings or bracelets are also a great option—personalization can make them feel really special. Whether it’s studded with each bridesmaid’s birthstone or inscribed with your wedding date in Roman numerals, it’s sure to be a lovely addition to the day.




In lieu of physical gifts, a lot of modern brides are choosing experiences with their wedding party, like a bachelorette trip or a weekend getaway in the mountains. While these gifts can be a little more expensive, the memories are worth it. Remember to budget for these if this is a must- have a gift for your wedding party, and be up-front with your party about how much of the cost you’ll be fronting, as this can often be a make or break for their ability to attend.


If you’re having a destination wedding and don’t want to make your wedding party travel prior to it, or you just want to treat your wedding party to a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, plan an all-expenses-paid spa day. You can even include your partner’s half of the wedding party! Everyone deserves to feel pampered and taken care of, and it’s a great bonding experience for wedding party members who haven’t met before.




Ah, the classic wedding shot of a bride and her wedding party in matching robes, matching t-shirts, and matching dresses on a bachelorette trip—the possibilities are endless! However, the odds of your wedding crew wearing these after your wedding? Slim to none. Instead of getting customized robes that say “ Bridesmaid,” “Maid of Honor,” or the ever-unfortunate “Bride Tribe,” get the robes personalized with your party’s names or initials, and if you’re really getting into it, get them in their favorite color!
Rather than strapping everyone into an ill-fitting novelty shop tee emblazoned with “Shelby’s I Do Crew,” try finding a shirt for everyone from the place you met each other! If you met one of your party hiking in Yellowstone National Park, find a cool sweatshirt from Yellowstone for that pal. Maybe you made friends while running the Boston Marathon or teaching at the same school or fundraising for a local park—find a local tee, tank top, or sweater, and use these as a more evergreen option that’s personalized to each party member.


Scents & Sips 

Very popular among wedding gifts is the personalized gift bag (or basket or box) for each wedding party member. This option is a wonderful one, as you can personalize to each person as much as your heart desires, and there are a host of budget-friendly options that still make each party member feel special. Adding a specific scent to each box is a great personalization option, no matter if it’s a candle, a perfume, or a car air freshener (or all three!). Another popular addition is a miniature bottle of the recipient's favorite drink. This is great even for any members of your party who are sober. High-end nonalcoholic options are more available than ever and are a great way to be inclusive.

Have Fun

More than anything, your wedding party is there because they love you and they want you to have a beautiful wedding. Even if your budget for gifts isn’t huge, your appreciation for your friends will be apparent!