During Your Bridal Appointment at Brilliant Bridal

During Your Bridal Appointment at Brilliant Bridal

During Your Bridal Appointment at Brilliant Bridal. Mobile Image

Sep 04, 2019

Hey Brilliant Babe - your dress is waiting to be found! The time has finally come. It’s time to find your wedding dress. If you’ve been following a couple of our previous posts - we have dialed you in on how to prepare for the shopping experience and what to expect. Now, let’s shop!

Welcome To Brilliant Bridal

In our latest post “What To Expect” we went over the initial greeting for your bridal experience. If you haven't read it, no worries! We’ll catch you up so there’s no surprises when you walk through our doors. 

Whether it’s just you or you and your nearest girlfriends/family, the moment you enter our store you’ll be greeted by your stylist! She’ll then escort you over to your own viewing area. Each Brilliant Bridal location looks uniquely different, but all locations will cater to the bride by providing each appointment their own space. 😍

Once you are comfortably seated in your viewing area, your stylist will get to know you!

Reference to the “What To Expect” post for details on trusting and working with your stylist. We are here for you.


How Are We Different? 

When entering your bridal appointment, it’s important to know how the boutique works. (Reference our “How To Prepare” post to find out the difference between ordering and off the rack)

Brilliant Bridal is slightly different than most bridal boutiques, and we’d love to share why! 

Girl, we get it - we all want that picture perfect wedding dress but not everyone wants to spend all the big bucks to get it. That’s where we come in. 

Brilliant Bridal sells brand new, designer gowns off the rack. We mostly receive our gowns straight from designers once they’re discontinued or if they have overstock inventory. This way, you get a designer wedding dress but not at the high-end retail price. Plus, you get to take your dress home with you so there’s no worry about whether or not it will arrive in time. Having one less thing to worry about when wedding planning can make all the difference. 👏

After talking all things wedding with your stylist and learning about how we work, it’s time to head to the floor and find your dream dress! 

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Let’s Shop

Okay, so you’ve been educated on the prep, you’ve been clued in on what to expect, and now you’re finally here. Let’s go find your dress! 

Your stylist will guide you and your group to the selection of wedding dresses you have to choose from - all our dresses are organized by size. Bridal sizing is different. Your stylist will explain and guide you in the proper direction. 

Okay, so you’re out with the dresses. Your stylist is having you choose 3-4 dresses to start. We know it doesn’t sound like much at first - because let’s be real, it’s hard to not want to try on the whole store when surrounded by beautiful dresses. 👰 We start with that amount not only so you don’t overwhelm yourself, but so you can optimally utilize your appointment time. 

Don’t worry - your stylist will pull plenty more for you after this first round! 


Likes and Dislikes 

If you’ve been skimming through this post so far, I highly recommend giving your full attention to this section. 

Brides, this is oh so important, not only for your stylist but for you to truly find out what your bridal style is.

Once you and your group have pulled the first round of dresses - you and your stylist will go off to your dressing room. She will then clip you in the dresses for you to visualize how it could fit post alterations. Now it’s time to see yourself in a wedding dress. 

wedding dress shopping

You’re in a bridal shop, you’ll continuously try on beautiful dresses but not all of them are going to feel like you. Tell your group, tell your stylist, and tell yourself everything that you are drawn to in the dress and everything you don’t like. This not only helps guide your stylist to pull what you want, but it will save you sanity. 🙌

The moment you are able to eliminate a silhouette, fabric or specific detail - you know you no longer have to keep trying that same style on. This will save you stress and time. 

Remember, finding your wedding dress should be fun and memorable. Prepare a guide for your vision but still be open minded. Have budget on hand, bring those closest to you with minimal opinions, and enjoy the experience. Your stylist and our Brilliant Bridal family are here for you. 

Stay tuned for our next post on “Falling in Love and Finding The One”. 💙