Couple Activities You Can Enjoy Before the Big Day

Couple Activities You Can Enjoy Before the Big Day

Couple Activities You Can Enjoy Before the Big Day. Mobile Image

Oct 28, 2022

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Usually, a wedding indicates a new set of experiences and responsibilities for a couple, such as merging finances or moving in together. However, it’s recently shown that 65% of marriages start with the couple already living together. The familiarity that living together fosters definitely eases the transition to married life. But problems can still arise between couples, especially as the wedding looms around the corner.

Wedding planning can be taxing for you and your partner. You’ll find the need to regroup now and then and work to maintain the love and commitment you have for each other. Fortunately, quality time can go a long way in reinvigorating your dedication to one another.

We’ve listed four activities couples can enjoy together before the big day below:


Indulge in a staycation

Before getting married, couples will have had numerous conversations that allow them to become more acquainted with each other’s personalities. Because you and your partner’s behavior changes and fluctuates, you won’t always see eye to eye, especially when discussing finances or parenting. Open communication is the key to retaining satisfaction in your relationship and is increasingly important amidst wedding stress. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a break. To ease the pressure of planning your future together, indulge in a staycation— be it a romantic night in a hotel or an overnight road trip. Resolve to put any wedding talk on the back burner. In a fresh environment, focus on enjoying each other’s company. We suggest planning a pre-wedding self-care regimen. Book facials if you’re staying at a hotel. If you prefer to go camping, apply face masks on each other while sharing a good bottle of wine. These additional activities may seem tedious, but they provide respite and boost intimacy.


Sync your health and fitness routine

Whether your wedding will be grand or intimate, it’s still an event that’ll be preserved for decades. As such, you and your partner will want to look (and feel) your best before the big day. We recommend syncing your health and fitness routines. For instance, cook healthy meals. Thinking up new and creative ways to diversify pasta or salads can be a fun bonding experience. Another goal you can achieve together is getting physically fit; we urge you to try an exercise that’s sure to get your energy thrumming. Virtual exercise such as live video classes can be a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The classes can be done at home, so it’s easy to carve out time in your schedule and train with your partner. Change it up frequently, as you can do a combination of bodyweight exercises and even yoga, depending on your interests. In the end, you and your partner can motivate each other while pursuing better health conditions before your wedding.


Prep for your honeymoon itinerary

The chaos and stress of planning a wedding can drain a couple’s energy. For a shift of pace, integrate getting ready for potential honeymoon activities into your dates. Does your honeymoon itinerary include island hopping? If so, you can look for scuba diving lessons to better navigate your deep-sea adventures. Going cave spelunking or mountain hiking? Explore one of your favorite local trails during the weekend. If you’re going to a place rich in culture— be it in art or food— you can search for galleries or restaurants near you that'll offer a glimpse of what you can expect. Those are just a few ways that help evoke a sense of excitement that'll last long after the wedding ends. Besides, spending time researching your honeymoon trip and activities can be a great bonding experience.


Learn new dances

First dances are essential at weddings. In a study on the social bonds formed through dancing, it’s illustrated that dancing results in closeness. This is because unison movement, as in wedding dances, fosters conscious attention to your partner and effective cooperation. Not only that, but because of the amount of time spent together, learning and practicing new dances builds a stronger relationship. Of course, you can opt to forego formal classes if you plan to deviate from traditional dances. You can simply block out a few nights a week to spend time with your partner. Create a romantic playlist, dim the lights, and see where the night takes you. By the time the big day arrives, you and your partner will have already understood how to move in tandem.