How to Keep Your Engagement Ring Safe While You Travel

How to Keep Your Engagement Ring Safe While You Travel

How to Keep Your Engagement Ring Safe While  You Travel. Mobile Image

May 01, 2023

An engagement ring is definitely one of the most important valuables that a woman has and it only makes sense to do everything it takes to keep it safe. Some women are so careful that they may opt to leave their engagement rings at home during their honeymoon or vacation, or at least wear a separate, less expensive, travel ring. It’s understandable — traveling to a foreign nation where you don't know the language or where the crime rate is high increases the likelihood that your lovely sparkler may be stolen.


It’s not only the possibility of the ring getting stolen, either. You can dull the shine of that gorgeous diamond with sunscreen — or worse, lose the entire ring in the vastness of the ocean while you’re swimming. But, if you really want to wear your engagement ring during your travels, you can safely do so with the help of proper planning. Here’s what you need to do to keep your precious ring safe before you head to the airport.


Have Your Ring Insured and Inspected

If you didn't insure your engagement ring just yet — which is one of the most urgent things to do after getting engaged — you should do so before going on a trip. It truly pays to err on the side of caution, especially when valuables such as expensive jewelry are involved. If your ring ever gets misplaced, you'll be relieved to know that you can buy a new one. Get your ring checked out and serviced before you depart. If you notice any problems (an ill-fitting band or a loose stone), with the ring you recently purchased, promptly return it to the store. Preventing the loss of a loose stone is certainly preferable compared to losing it while you are traveling.


Never Remove Your Ring Voluntarily At An Airport Security Checkpoint

Often, you won't need to take off your rings during airport security. Precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum will not trigger the alarm. Besides, the chaos at the TSA checkpoints is the perfect opportunity for a thief to steal a sparkling accessory.


Know When or When Not to Wear It


Make sure you know when to wear (and remove) your ring if you decide to bring it along. It's easy to do some unintentional harm to your ring’s setting while at the beach or on a trip that involves activities like hiking or snorkeling. That's something you surely want to avoid. It's always a good idea to take off your ring before applying sunscreen or perfume, as the residue from these products might dull the sparkle of your precious rock.


Never Wear Your Ring If You Plan to Go Swimming


This deserves extra emphasis given that a lot of jewelry gets lost in the water, be it the pool or the ocean. As your fingers contract in the chilly water, your ring will become more likely to slip off your finger and be lost forever, especially if it gets caught in the sand or the current. This can happen even if you’re in very shallow waters! The same goes for the swimming pool, especially since platinum, gold, and white gold are vulnerable to chlorine's corrosive effects.


Keep It In the Hotel Safe


Don't just put your ring down on the nightstand when you take it off. When you're not wearing your rings, place it in a safe space like a personalized ring box, and then put that box in your hotel room safe. You’re likely already using the safe to keep your passports and other valuables secure, so why not do the same with your ring?


Wear a Replacement Ring


There are silicone rings available as an alternative or replacement to traditional rings. These rubber rings are primarily designed for professions and activities that can become a hassle for traditional rings. Apart from the safety, these rings are much more comfortable to wear too, especially when you’re on long plane rides.


Lastly, you need to listen to your gut. While you can do the activities above to protect your engagement ring from harm or loss, you still have the option to leave it at home if your gut says that wearing your ring while you’re traveling is not the best idea.