Tips for Avoiding Wedding Day Stress

Tips for Avoiding Wedding Day Stress

Organizing the biggest day of your life is a lot of pressure to put on a couple, especially with modern-day, Pinterest-perfect expectations. The stress of getting every detail right is sure to turn any unsuspecting bride into a bit of a bridezilla. To help prevent this from happening, here are some of our best tips for having a pleasant, stress-free wedding planning process:



In this day and age, weddings don’t have to follow a certain schedule or stick to tradition. If there are certain pieces of a ceremony or reception that you’re uncomfortable with, just cut them out! Many couples opt out of traditions, like a spouse taking the garter off with their teeth or the dollar dance, because they believe them to be outdated. Whether you’re stressed about a particular relative that wants to put in their two cents during planning or the thought of making a speech in front of the crowd, identifying issues and actively working to either cut them out of your wedding day or curb the problem will save you any related stress. Going into the wedding with a positive mindset and attitude is going to mean you have a happy and fulfilling day.



Couples often find that time flies by quickly while wedding planning. Creating a calendar for yourself with checkpoints for calling vendors, getting your wedding dress, sending out invites, and ironing out details can significantly alleviate stress. After you decide on your budget, guest list, and overall theme, make sure you start visiting venues or getting in touch with vendors early. Adding these to your calendar leading up to the wedding can ensure that you’re not running into excess unavailability. Make sure you’re not overwhelming yourself with options – pick venues and colors based on the theme and feel of your wedding and cut out the rest.



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Weddings are notorious for making couples go over budget, and this is something that everyone should keep in mind after getting engaged. Though your big day is a splurge-worthy event, breaking the bank may cause more financial stress than necessary. Before you decide on your wedding day budget, make sure you and your future spouse are secure financially for life after the wedding. This means having discussions about joint bank accounts, everyday budgeting, and future planning. If you’re looking to buy a home together, figuring out how to get preapproved for a mortgage can be the next step to upgrade from a small apartment. Saving on wedding expenses can ensure you’re not financially stressed when starting the next phase of your life. Making a list of your priorities and brainstorming ways to DIY your decor can also help you figure out where to save versus splurge.



Remember, your wedding day is all about you and the happiness that comes with your next chapter. Weddings are often a huge production, and perfectly healthy to romanticize, but constantly comparing your event to others can end up being disappointing. Taking time to normalize the experience and not have unrealistic fairy-tale expectations, will help you enjoy the day more and focus on your spouse. Including small details in your ceremony or reception that are unique to you and your spouse-to-be will bring you joy and make it an event you will always remember. 



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This is your day, and it shouldn’t be spent worrying about your guests or little bumps in the road. If you need to relax and unwind before getting ready the morning of your wedding, try meditating, going on a jog, or putting on some essential oils. If there are conflicts or problems with the vendors, let your wedding planner or assigned point person deal with them. By removing yourself from the drama and not getting involved, you’ll actually be able to focus on the celebration. Having a celebratory glass of champagne after the ceremony or alone time with your spouse before heading to the reception can make each moment even more special.



The planning process shouldn’t be consuming your life and relationship with your partner. Taking the time to continue going on dates or pursuing your hobbies, like exercising, cooking, reading, etc., will help you stay sane during any craziness. Make sure the wedding is a joint planning effort and that you talk about life after the wedding day with your significant other. Talking about traditions you can keep alive as a couple after you move in together, having kids, traveling, etc. can ensure you’re both making efforts to keep your romance alive long-term


Keeping things in perspective and not letting the little hiccups of planning affect your big day will mean you’re truly focusing on the love of your life and your marriage. Though weddings may be stressful events to organize and coordinate, an overwhelming majority of people will tell you that the good outweighs the bad. So, take a breath, soak it all in, and enjoy this new chapter of life!