What Is The Bridal Sunglasses Trend? (And How You Can Cop This Style)

What Is The Bridal Sunglasses Trend? (And How You Can Cop This Style)

What Is The Bridal Sunglasses Trend? (And How You Can Cop This Style). Mobile Image

Jul 25, 2023

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While you can personalize your wedding to make the day truly unforgettable, there's nothing wrong with taking inspiration from trends in the bridal world as well. A previous post has outlined a few wedding trends that may speak to your creative visions, from dried flowers that add a sentimental touch to your bouquet to pearls and square necklines as gorgeous additional details for your ensemble.

While these classic touches are great, another trend that has been gaining ground recently is the use of bridal sunglasses. Below, we take a closer look at why brides are turning sunglasses into statement pieces on their wedding days and how you can incorporate this accessory into your own.


More and more weddings are turning traditions on their heads and being held in outdoor venues like gardens, vineyards, and waterfronts. In such cases, a pair of sunglasses helps shield the eyes from the harsh sunlight while adding a touch of style and glamor at the same time. In some cases, the wedding photos may even come out nicer since you don’t have to squint the entire time!

Even indoor celebrations are great for bridal sunnies. While there may not be sunlight in a ballroom or function hall, brides can still use these sunglasses as a fashion statement, as Yoko Ono did when she married John Lennon in the 60s. Wearing sunglasses on the big day may not have been a trend then, but it works perfectly for modern-day couples who want a celebration that's just as bold and avant-garde.

Lastly, soon-to-be-married couples can opt for sunglasses for sentimental reasons. Such was the case for this featured couple in the New York Times, as the bride, Lynne, wore a pair of shades on their first meeting. If sunglasses have a part to play in your love story, then why not create a full-circle moment by incorporating them into your wedding as well?


Instead of just selecting any pair you see in the store or your wardrobe, here’s a handy guide for matching your bridal sunnies to your wedding theme.


If your wedding features classic characteristics like subtle color palettes and clean lines, then it makes sense to go for an equally classic choice: rectangular frames. The timeless Wayfarer sunglasses from the eyewear brand Ray-Ban are the perfect choice for bridal accessorizing without looking over the top. The design has also evolved into multiple versions over the years, such as the smaller, less angular New Wayfarer and oversized Mega Wayfarer. Whether you choose polished black or earthy tones for the frames, wearing the right size and fit helps you balance comfort and style.


Meanwhile, brides leaning into chic styles can complete their looks by wearing cat-eye frames. The exclusive collection from affordable eyewear brand Privé Revaux includes Harmony, a subtle cat-eye to bring glamor to your wedding outfit while also being lightweight for all-day comfort and wearability. If you’d rather splurge on designer glasses, Prada, Miu Miu, and Chanel are among the high-end brands carrying cat-eye styles in various materials like plastic, metal, and acetate.


Vintage weddings have also made a resurgence, allowing you to up the retro ratio by topping off your bridal look with oversized frames. The brand Vada Jewelry’s Cicada sunglasses are fabulously shapely, and you can even get the frames in colors like orange and bright green to truly transport you back to the past and serve cool-girl retro.

If you're considering adding sunglasses to your bridal accessories, the ideal pair will ultimately depend on the vibe you're going for. But regardless of which frame style and design you land on, don't forget to smile for the camera and take lots of photos while you've got them on!



Article written by Rosa Jimena

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