Wedding Traditions: Something Blue

Throughout July, we will be bringing you another mini series! This month we'll be diving into the wedding tradition "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." This bridal rhyme may be dated, but our ideas of how to incorporate each token are full of new life!

We have reached the fourth and final week of our wedding traditions series; ending with 'something blue.' Before white wedding dresses became popular in the late 1800's, the traditional wedding dress color was actually blue! Wearing blue was and still is a symbol of purity, love and fidelity, which is why it's become such a tradition to continue incorporating it into the wedding look. Whether it's outwardly rocking a trendy blue dress or hiding the color under your shoes, there are so many way to uniquely add in this hue.

Browsing inspo pins was so much fun this week; the options are seriously endless! We tried to pick a favorite, but they are all just so good! We included as many photos as we could, but there are even more on our Pinterest page. Scroll on for the prettiest 'something blue' details! 


Wearing blue jewelry is positively royal. For the nontraditional bride, a sapphire or aquamarine engagement ring could be perfect, or if you're a bit more on the traditional side, keep the diamond ring and opt for a blue gems in your earrings or necklace. If that seems to clash with your wedding colors or your dress, sneak it in with a pale, blue ring box! 



If you chose blue as one of your wedding colors, a blue ribbon on your bouquet could really tie the color scheme together. Better yet, wearing a blue ribbon, sash can bring a little bit of your bridesmaids dress color into your dress. Plus, it will really accentuate your waistline! 


Colored dresses have been becoming more and more popular, and wearing a blue dress for your 'something blue' definitely makes quite the statement! We have actually gotten a few of these David Tutera beauties in our stores in soft seamist.  


Looking for a way to wear the color without showing it off? How about a pair of bridal blue shoes?! Maybe you don't really like the color blue, or maybe it doesn't play well with your other wedding colors, this is one way to include the color without drawing too much attention to it. Plus, blue shoes make for some super cute photos! Think foot pop or getting ready shots. 


Having your wedding date and/or new initials sewn into your dress with blue thread is such a sweet and sentimental way to wear the color. This checks the 'something blue' box off your list without the hue competing with the rest of your look. 

Floral Crown

This option is spot on if you happened to choose blue as one of your accent colors! It doesn't matter is you love bright florals or more muted tones, there are flower options to create all kinds of bridal looks! Of course, there is always the fake flower option and then you can select whatever hue your heart desires!


Maybe a flower crown isn't your vibe, but you can still use florals as your 'something blue. This 'gathered from the garden' bouquet shape is so trendy! And we've never met a bouq with eucalyptus that we didn't like! For other flower trends check out Floret's blog


Nail art can be such a fun way to show off your personal style, from glitter to florals and ombré to matte! Our favorite look is the peak-a-boo blue underneath the nail! It give a really subtle blue tint when you look from the top. 


We've given you quite a few ideas for 'something blue' that can be seen at all times, but here is another option that you can keep hidden! A blue garter is the best of both worlds! It fulfills the tradition of 'something blue' without stealing too much attention, and it also lets you take part in the wedding garter tradition. If you're still looking for your garter, we have quite a few to choose from in both blue and white! 

We hope you enjoyed the end of our mini series! If there are other topics you would love for us to dive in to, leave us a message below, or feel free to comment on any of our socials! We love hearing from you! For more wedding inspo + new arrivals + behind the scenes action, head over to our pages and follow us on PinterestInstagram, Facebook (ArizonaDenver, & Las Vegas).